Can’t Find a Job? Make Money At Home!!

Long gone are the days where we could depend on finding a
job automatically, or that people could just up and quit a
job because they felt they could find something better –
whether it was more money or more interesting, better
location, people could pick and choose when it came to a
job. Nowadays the people are more likely to just feel
thankful that they have a job at all and learn to live with
what they can’t change.

We never know what jobs will be cut and they don’t usually
give a lot of warning so as to limit the ability to
retaliate by sabotage, etc. It is becoming more and more
common through a couple of the job recessions in recent
decades, that even higher education does not make you immune
to the cycle of losing a job and not finding a replacement
anytime soon. The big difference is job elimination. It is
not just people moving in and out, being promoted, demoted,
retiring or whatever – the position is gone. Not being
filled anymore – outsourced, off-shored, eliminated, merged,
workforce reduced.

It is surprising then that more people do not see the
Internet and making money at home as a viable alternative to
depleting all of their reserves (savings, investments, etc)
just to pay the bills while looking and looking for a job
that is not there; Going on many unfruitful interviews that
are just a waste of time. It is sad but even people that are
willing to take a step backwards in salary or title just to
work are turned away because employers feel that they will
leave if something more along their own line becomes

It is said when there are so many unemployed that if an
employer was looking for a girl riding a purple horse with
polka dots that one could be found, so there goes the angle
of just giving the job to someone who needs it even if the
qualifications are not exactly matched. It is really, really
a ‘cruel world’ when it comes to being unemployed. That
is precisely why people need to take control of their own
destiny and create their own income.

There are so many things someone could do to earn money with
their computer or otherwise from home. The possibilities
are really limitless. If you take stock of all of your
skills and experience, and even your interests, you can come
up with several different ways to make money without
investing much at all. The ideal time to investigate the
possibilities is when you still have a job or at least when
you have the time and some resources such as unemployment
insurance and/or severance pay to tide you over.
It is important to take a few days just to get over the
shock and resolve all the feelings you might be having if
you suddenly find yourself without a job to go to Monday. It
is best if you feel good about yourself and positive about
your prospects so that you will be motivated to take swift
action to land on your feet. If you are so inclined you
might do both – interview for jobs and pursue starting your
own business from home.

Any port in a storm, it would also be ideal if you could
work temporary jobs as a consultant to stretch your
unemployment insurance further, etc and this is another way
you may find out about available jobs. Maybe you will
decide to work part-time your first year or so of having
your own home business. This is ideal because it is likely
you won’t make money right away while you are developing
your ideas. Whatever unfolds, just know that ‘when one door
closes another one opens’. Make it better one!


Are All Affiliate Marketing Programs Created Equal?

The simple answer is ‘no’. Why? There are several factors
to consider. Among the top ones are the legitimacy of the
principals, the cost to join and to maintain your
membership, the compensation plan, and the resources

The legitimacy of the principals: This refers to the owners
of the program and doing due diligence to find out their
reputation. How long have they been around? What is their
background? Have they had any other businesses besides the
one you are thinking of joining? Do you recognize anyone
giving testimonials about them? Do their claims seem
realistic as far as what they have achieved?

Note here that there is a thin gray line. When you are
making your inquiries online, you mayfind negative comments.
The vast majority of these comments are posted by
malcontents – people who expected miracles, who felt
entitled, who are jealous, and who are angry because there
is no magical formula by which anyone can have wealth
without work. They will call almost anything a scam
including their inability to login to a site when they are
not even following the directions, or the fact that the
company will not change their protocols to satisfy their
whims. So if there are doubts, contact the program directly
and ask them to explain the negative review.

Also keep in mind most sites that purport to expose scams
have their own agenda. Either they are going to show you
everything that is wrong with their competitors and then
show you how their program is better, or they can actually
be bought and sold — they accept money to remove negative
reports. In fact lately there are even services advertised
to counteract negative reviews. This sounds so illegal just
like a few years ago when the industry was up-in-arms about
people being paid to give testimonials. It’s hard to know
who you can trust so you must be careful.

There are some actual scam artists and you need to beware of
them. Most do not stay around long for obvious reasons and
you will see many more ‘complaints’- these types of
reports are usually obvious, especially where multiple
complaints are the same. Will not honor refund guarantees,
misrepresented the costs, did not deliver what you
purchased, disappeared and will not respond to your repeated
requests (if polite and professional).

The cost to join and to maintain your membership: This of
course is relative to what you can afford. Sometimes there
is an administrative cost for joining and the initial
payment will be higher than your monthly costs. If there is
a refund policy or trial period then that is acceptable.
Bottom line here is don’t do anything you can’t afford,
and never gamble with more than you can afford to lose. Be
sure you are within the time period for which you are
entitled to a refund as promised.

The compensation plan: Does it give you a fair percentage
of the sale as a commission? While it may be necessary to
share with either your upline or downline, this should be
reasonable. You are not working for them. You are working
for yourself. You should be able to achieve exactly the
level that they are at eventually (if you are willing to
invest the same time and effort) and if not then it is a
pyramid scheme and you should not join.

The resources included: Does the program include training?
Do they give you the use of their graphics (web pages,
banners, etc); do they have any tools that you can use like
autoresponder, web conference room, safelist/leads. You
should factor these into the cost because you will save
money on buying these services on your own.