Starting a Business – Do What You Love and Love What You Do

It is absolutely true that we do best at what we like to do.
In your career you are very fortunate if you have a job
that you completely love. This might only really be possible
if you decided early in your life what you want to ‘be’
and took the action to get the education or training to do
what you wanted to do. Starting a business is another

Many people see a job as only a means to an end – it pays
the bills. They tolerate it out of necessity only. Within
reason they are willing to put in the time and follow the
directions to keep that position. Some will try to exceed
expectations so that they might be promoted to a
better-paying job some day.

If that doesn’t happen in a reasonble period of time, and
they have confidence and self-esteem, they will make a
promotion happen even if they have to look outside of their
present company to find a better job. Or if you are very
creative and brave, you may develop your own business.

Long gone are the days when people got a job and stayed
there for their entire career, slowly and sometimes
painfully ‘working themselves up the corporate ladder’. In
fact in some cases when it comes to ‘down sizing’ or
‘workforce reduction’ in our economic climate for the past
few decades, it is often those that are the higher paid or
more experienced employees that are cut.

Unfortunately loving your job and doing your very best
doesn’t count for anything when a company has decided to
make changes. They do not see people – they see positions.
It is hard for us to understand how they can be so cold, but
‘that’s business’. It’s about the bottom line, making
the most profit and not about doing what is right for the
employees necessarily.

So if you are in a position to start a business of your own,
you might as well do something that you love to do if
possible; or another way to look at it is to do what you
have to do and love it. Sometimes there has to be
trade-offs – so you may be required to perform some tasks
you are not crazy about. To stay on top of this, you may
have to enumerate the things you do love about working at
home, and there is a lot to love.

If you are starting out and have to work a day job and
create ‘spare’ time to nurture a budding business, it will
not be as easy to realize what is so preferable about
working from your home unless you really like what you are
doing; or at the very least might be doing something in an
industry that you find attractive or necessary.

Think about how great doing your work at the time(s) when
you feel like it is, and having the freedom to do something
else whenever the opportunity arises (and do the work later
of course); think about all the money you are saving on
transportation to and from a job – add it up – the gas,
parking, bridge tolls, etc; then realize how much you will
not miss the stress of commuting in traffic and all that
this can involve, for example (the freeway that is more like
a parking lot during rush hour(s).

Just these alone are major things to love about having your
own business at home! In addition, you can enjoy the
peaceful, quiet atmosphere and just the feeling of control
you will have by taking charge of your own life; …and it
would even add more impetus to ‘work it’ if it is
something that you are interested in – for example if you
can create a business from a hobby or interest that you
have. This would go a long way to encourage you to expend
your energy in that direction.

There is a saying that is ‘some people work to live and
others live to work’ – You have to really enjoy working to
set yourself up with a day job and a part-time home business
– of course the idea there is to someday quit the day job
and to support yourself entirely from your own business at


Are You Really Serious About Starting a Home Business?

Computer, Desk, Man, Pictogram, Work

If you are really serious about starting a home business and
expect it to be successful, then you really need to get
serious about it. You have to treat it just like a job –
schedule your time to work on it just like you would have
hours where you are expected to show up and perform for a

If it was a job, would you have the attitude that you will
do it if you get a chance, and if you can squeeze it in to
your social calendar? Not likely because you wouldn’t have
the job very long if that was the way you handled it. It is
the same concept with your own business – you need to take
it seriously. It has to be a priority.

You really need to make your home business work schedule
part of your business plan. Determine how many hours you
have per day or per week to work on your business. While
you may have a day job, a family and pets, etc., that demand
your attention and are definitely the priority, if you want
to add a home business to your life then you need to make
some structured time for it. Whether it is 2 hours or 10
hours you need to use the time wisely and be consistent.

One thing that is a huge energy rip-off is email. You
should learn how to only open emails that are relevant to
your business during your home business time. Even at that
if there is nothing pressing you should just glance over it
and file it. Don’t waste your time trying to read every ad
that comes into your inbox. It is hard to ignore total chaos
so just archive everything – if it is from companies you are
working with then make a folder for those and file things

Some time in the future when you have spare time you can go
through them – but again you need to learn how to just
glance over them so you don’t waste your time – if there is
something critical it will be in the subject or first
paragraph. Understand that it is an avalanche and you will
never catch up or keep up with it so you just need to get it
out of the way.

You need to have a definite plan on how you will spend your
time. For example, with the email out of the way (and say
you gave that 15 minutes), if you have anything that you
need to do related to that, like pay a bill or sign up for
something before the deadline, then get that done (say 15
minutes for this). Knowing that one of the most important
(free and effective) ways to promote your online business is
to use your blog, maybe give yourself (30 minutes) to
compose a few paragraphs, or more if you have something more
to say. Original content is always best, but if you don’t
have anything unique, then maybe post an article by someone
else, and of course including their links, etc. to give them
full credit when you copy and paste it to your blog.

Some other tasks that are typical to an online marketing
business would be to manage your list in your autoresponder,
(15 minutes); do some advertising with whatever strategies
you are using – for instance solo ads, traffic exchanges,
list builders (30 minutes); Check your affiliate programs
for commissions by logging in to each one and looking for
your reports (15 minutes); Check in to your social networks,
etc., to see if you have any messages (business-related) to
respond to; add here whatever else for your business that
you may need to devote some time to.

Just remember not to get ‘lost’ on any site that you are
on. It has been determined by people who track statistics,
etc., that people are wasting time, for example when they
need an answer from a search engine and they typically would
need to click 1 or 2 links to get their information. However
one link always seems to lead to another and you have just
wasted an hour by going to 6 or 7 different sites. Maybe
you even forgot what you were doing. While this is fun and
interesting, you have just taken up time you could have used
to promote your own business.

New Home Business – Find Out What People Want and Give It to Them!

This really makes so much more sense than what most
inexperienced people might figure. They likely would pick
something they themselves like or buy for various reasons –
and that can make sense on several levels as well. However
the crux of the matter is that we might not be atypical and
something we like so much may not have much appeal to anyone
else. So it may become an atmosphere where you try to
convince people that they want or need what you have. This
is an uphill battle when you compare it to just simply
providing what people already want or know they need.

If you decide you want to sell tangible products, for
example, it might seem like a no-brainer that everybody
wants mobile devices today – smart phones, etc. If you
decide that is the market you want to work in, then you will
have other things to consider to find out if this would be
the correct decision for your business.

Thankfully with online business it is usually never
necessary to have ‘inventory’ or purchase things for
yourself in order to sell them. ‘Drop-shipping’ works
very well for the Internet as it has for decades before with
direct marketing (mail/phone ordering).

One would just need to align or affiliate themselves with
the various manufacturer/distributors for which they would
want to be an independent distributor, contractor, or
consultant. Maybe they would have a way to cover all levels
in that market – for example to include costs that are
low-budget, mid-range, and super opulent!.

The Internet search engines would provide the perfect medium
to research the companies and find out all the particulars
that are important to your decision-making process and of
course for your business in the long-run. Every website
that you might link to from the search results would likely
have ‘contact’ or ‘support’ information so that you
could ask questions directly or request further details from
each company.

It might work real well to create a spreadsheet or some kind
of table (grids) document so that you could visually compare
all the various things about the companies and products –
the product features and cost, and the company’s
compensation plan/commission structure, etc.

Remember to consider the ‘multiple streams of income’
concept for your business – maybe consider having some
tangible products, possibly some programs where you can make
money for referrals, and also provide some service or be a
conduit to a service for your clients (in the context of

Remember to find out what it is that is ‘all the rage’ in
each category and than find something that you can provide
to people who are already looking for what you have! They
will be glad they found you!