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If we only had work or if we only had play it just wouldn’t be
right. We need a balance between the two – we need to work
hard and then we need to take time out to rest and relax.
It is not ‘slacking’ to take some time each day to do
something else – doesn’t really matter what so much as it
is just to have a healthy balance.

You can spend your ‘you’ time taking a cat nap, which has
been proven to make people more efficient; you can get some
fresh air and exercise, and of course this will help us to
relieve stress and increase our circulation so we can think
more clearly. There are many things that we can do if we
don’t have an official ‘hobby’ or ‘pastime’; and to a
degree, while not condoning couch potatoism, even just
watching a movie or anything that will serve to take our
mind off of business is a winner!

You see when you have given your mind and body a break, when
it is time to go back to work, you will be ready to begin
fresh each time. If someone just keeps working and working
even at learning, they will start to spin their wheels (not
actually accomplish anything) and workaholicism really
produces a state of confusion after a while. It may be
related to the fact that being a ‘perfectionist’ is
actually not something you ever want to admit to, for
example in a job interview. Surprised? It’s not good
because perfectionists never finish anything they start
(because nothing is ever perfect).

Certainly we should try to be as accurate and efficient as
possible in our home business the same as we would on a job
for someone else if our business involves services, etc. The
key to all of it is focus – to have a balanced (healthy)
life so that we are able to give our complete focus to our
business in order to take action to accomplish something –
and then wrap it up to complete it, put it down, take a
break and be ready to move on to the next task at hand.

It is next to impossible to concentrate when we are in pain
or uncomfortable. Particularly if we are working on a
computer several hours a day, we have to realize that our
body is fallible – human – We need to take care of our
backs, eyes and brains because they can only do so much.
Getting up and stretching, taking some deep breaths, looking
out the window goes a long way to refresh our perspective.
Not far from the necessity of clearing our browser cache to
delete all history, cookies and temporary files!

Get a fresh start every few hours just with a brief break
from business of any kind! Don’t get ‘burned out’. Even
if you have to schedule time for yourself, do allow yourself
time to be the best you can be! Protect your mental and
physical health by being a balanced person. Oh, and don’t
forget to laugh – it does wonders for your morale! Get ready
to succeed by achieving your goals and always coming out on


Work At Home and Avoid the Rush (PART VI)



When you stop to consider how much of your life is spent
being involved in your job, it is shocking. There is
rushing to get ready for work, hurrying to get to work on
time, getting all your work done, getting back home in rush
hour, getting to sleep so you can get up on time to start
the whole rut over again. Really, the only other activity
that gets as much time as work is sleep if you can squeeze
it in! You really must, you know because if you collapse
from the stress and exhaustion who will do all that you do?

If you have small children it is even more effort to get to
work, not to mention you do have responsibilities to create
a ‘home’ and to be there for your family. While as adults
we may realize the necessity of working to support our
families and we may even try to make our kids understand, to
a child’s mind the only thing that seems to stick is you
are not there. When you think about it, to a kid it is their
waking hours when you are away at work. Nice touch to be
able to spend an hour or two with them out of a 24-hour

This is why, particularly for people with kids that it makes
so much sense to work at home one way or the other; either
by convincing your employer to at least let you work from
home part-time or by starting your own business. When you
start to consider other things besides time, like money, you
have another whole level of reasoning of why it would be
best if you can make the arrangements to work at home.

Let’s calculate how much you spend on commuting/traveling
to and from work, which usually is not in any way repaid to
you by your employer. This calculation should include public
transit costs or gasoline, and if you drive, add the
parking, bridge tolls, and auto maintenance. Then there are
costs that come in the ‘getting ready for work’ category,
such as grooming, clothing, dry cleaning, etc.; along with
eating lunches out unless you have time to make a bag lunch.

If you have small children you are likely paying a large
percent of your income for child care at the minimum. Again
this is in addition to the fact that your child is growing
up without your presence most of the time. Not to make you
feel guilty as it is a fact of life, even with two parent
households, it is necessary financially to have two incomes;
but again they just don’t really understand.

When you work at home your time is really your own. Not
that you can slack off because you really do need to work at
your business aggressively, especially if self-employed.
But the point is you can work your job around your life
instead of the job running your life 90% of the time. That
means if you want to do your work at night, or half in the
morning and half at night, or maybe have a day off in the
middle of the week, that is up to you. You can then make
time for your kids activities and to participate with them –
and still get your work done on time!

Why More People Don’t Succeed at Internet Marketing (PART V)


There is a really good saying to always keep in mind: ‘You
can’t fail unless you quit’. One other that goes with
that is ‘The road to success is littered with failures’.
‘They’ also say that the reason only 5% succeed is for no
other reason than 95% quit Internet marketing too soon.

They quit without even trying, or they quit too soon when
they don’t see instant results. It does cost a little money
to operate a business, so that is one reason people are in
such a big rush… Some expect to get the money by osmosis
without doing anything to promote it.

Hello what planet are you from? This one it is pretty much
the case that you need to work to earn ‘a living’. Other
than inheriting money or winning the lottery, there is no
such thing as instant wealth or wealth without work. Yes!
Even in Cyberspace! Somebody has to do the work someplace so
that all the gears turn and we can ‘enjoy life’ on the

Anybody who is seriously imagining the idea of earning an
income from their Internet marketing home business must
realize the ‘survivalist’ mindset. They absolutely should
never allow themselves to even entertaining a futilistic
attitude about the state of their Internet marketing
projects; (to build an income online independently from
home). It takes TIME like everything else in reality!

Remember always that no matter how many times we try and
fail, not to ever give up. Let all failures only be lessons
and if we are paying attention we can really do this with
very little money and in our spare time. That is the
recommended way to start a business, so that you have an
income to survive on while you are building and developing
your company. It’s an excuse for a mini-celebration just
to imagine the day you will fire your boss, or quit your day
job! Start practicing now.

If someone is telling you they were able to achieve or
accomplish some level of income, etc, that may be an
indication that it is indeed possible for you to do that as
well. They can’t promise that your trip will be the same as
theirs, and there is no rule to say how long it will take
you to do the same thing they did, or how much money it is
POSSIBLE for you to make in order to succeed in Internet
marketing today. Nobody is responsible except you, for how
well you TRY and how far you succeed!

It’s all about the level of commitment, engagement,
determination and mindset that drives us and dictates our
level of effort to succeed with our Internet marketing
business. With all that said, you need to give it time. Time
for the learning curve, time to implement the start-up, time
for ongoing analysis and maintenance; and then of course
there are times of exhileration for purposes of expansion.
Only then you have earned the right to declare you are
running your business on ‘autopilot’ and you can step off
and have some fun with all your money!