How to Make a Small List Pay BIG

You’re just starting out and your list only has 500 or 1,000 people. While it’s true you would gladly trade your small list for one that’s 100 times bigger, it’s also true that if you treat your little list right, you can still make really good money. How does that work? By … Continue reading

Sneaky Tips to Get Your Emails Opened

You work hard to write the perfect email – and then nobody even opens the darn thing. Sigh. What’s a marketer to do? Try a new subject line using one of the following tactics: Insert your personality and get personal. Let’s face it – no one gets excited by dry toast, which is … Continue reading

Think You Can’t Compete?

Okay, your competition has been around longer than you. They know more than you about your customers, your products, your marketing… …let’s face it – they’re race horses, and you’re a mule. But what does that mean? New marketers feel like they are coming into a race … Continue reading

7 Ways to Get Free Traffic for Your Blog

So you've set up your blog and you've got several posts – and no readers. Now what? Here are 7 proven methods to drive traffic to your blog in no time... Facebook Fan Pages. You can set up a Fan Page for your blog in about a minute – ten minutes if you're hunting for a photo and just the … Continue reading