How To Get People To Watch And Recommend Your YouTube Videos

A popular YouTube channel can bring you a nice passive income. The more viewers your videos have, the more you can earn from display advertising. However, getting people to watch and recommend your YouTube videos isn’t easy. For each and every successful channel there are millions who fail. This article reveals a few tips to help you boost the popularity of your YouTube videos.


First of all, you should know that YouTube is not only a video network but also a search engine. People search for their favorite artists and shows by using the internal search engine of the website rather than a typical search engine. This means you have to optimize your channel and all materials you publish for their most relevant keywords. Ranking high in YouTube is much easier than getting to the top of Google, so you should definitely take advantage of this opportunity to get more people watch your videos and subscribe to your channel.

The easiest way to optimize your video materials for search is to write compelling titles and descriptions. While most people barely write a few words to let users know what their videos are all about, the ones who know internet marketing take advantage of this fact to rule YouTube’s search engine. You should be one of these smart users and always write detailed, keyword rich descriptions of your filmed materials. Furthermore, try to use a keyword research tool in order to identify the most lucrative keywords in your niche, so that you can integrate them in your copy.

Optimization is very important, but it won’t bring you too many benefits if you don’t correlate your keywords with their associated videos. Always make sure the video and the description are perfectly correlated, that all new materials are properly labeled and that the titles are catchy enough to make users click.

Getting people to watch your videos is only part of a proper video marketing strategy. The second part is to determine these users to share your materials with their peers via social marketing or word-of-mouth. This can’t be achieved with poor quality content. You should invest in good video filming and editing tools, as well as in some high-quality training. Fortunately, even smartphones and DSLR or mirrorless cameras can shoot HD video of very good quality. so you won’t have to spend a fortune on equipment. Nonetheless, you’ll have to use a good video editor, in order to add captions, titles and other texts to your videos. Make sure you create a jingle for your channel and start all your videos with it. This should help you build some solid brand awareness, as your followers will get used to hear your jingle in the beginning of each new material you publish.

Last but not least, take time to create a solid marketing plan to gain more followers to your YouTube channel and to entice them into spreading the word about you. You may want to organize some contents and giveaways, as most uses seem to be very sensitive to these marketing tactics.

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Why Learn To Make Your Own You Tube Videos

Video is the next big thing. If you are a business owner or you are involved in digital marketing, you can’t afford to overlook this opportunity to boost your visibility and your authority in the online environment. There are a few good reasons why you should learn to make your own You Tube videos.


The first reason is that You Tube is the biggest video channel and search engine out there. Ranking your videos in You Tube is much easier than ranking any blog post or article in Google. You can optimize your titles and descriptions to attract a lot of high quality traffic from video search. Besides, You Tube videos are also part of the Google search results, so you can get some viewers from there as well. If you aren’t taking advantage of the features You Tube has to offer, you’re leaving money on the table. You can be sure your competitors will grab the audience you miss by not being there for them, on their favorite video channel.

While you can pay someone to make you the videos you need, you can get away much cheaper with making your own materials. If you have the footage, you can use a free video editor to put everything together and to create short films that convey your marketing messages in a clear and compelling manner. The fact that any good photo camera and many smartphones can shoot video in HD should be enough for you to start creating your own You Tube videos with minimum of expenses. You can put your money to better use by promoting your products across multiple channels.

Learning to make your own videos has another advantage, which is the freedom to choose your scripts and stories as you like. When you outsource the creation of these materials, it is difficult to control what’s going to be used and how everything is going to look. A professional can do an impeccable job from technical point of view, but from a marketing standpoint, you are the one who knows best what kind of messages your end result should convey to your audience. Since making videos is fairly easy, you can learn this skill in as little as a few hours.

These are only a few reasons why you should start thinking about creating and uploading video materials on You Tube. This free channel is one of the best digital marketing opportunities available today. You can reach out to millions of people without having to spend a small fortune on that. You can send out powerful messages and improve your online presence in a very effective manner.

The best way to learn this skill is to search for video lessons on You Tube. You’ll find many materials created by experienced professionals, so you’ll have the opportunity to study and compare them closely, in order to improve your ability to pick the right footage and to create powerful stories that convert viewers into loyal fans and potential customers.

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How To Have Overnight Success In Your Online Enterprise Today

Unless you are currently the celebrity of cause and the worlds media has picked up a hot story of you about your business then it is going to be very hard if not impossible to be an overnight success. It will be very hard to even have  long-term success without a well-thought business plan that has excellent execution and 100% committed to following up on every contact. It is also going to depend on your business structure and the product or service that you will be providing.


But that said if you have a red-hot product or digital service that people are screaming for then you have a shot. To go from obscurity to overnight success can be done, it has been done, and it was done recently by an Australian in the UK in an extraordinary manner where he managed to launch and sell 50,000 pairs of underwear in his first three days of business trading. Today that business turns over 15 million dollars per year. It can happen.

Below are some suggestions that if used may also help you to launch your next big thing and reset the world on fire again.

1) Find your unique selling point
2) Leverage that into social media via every channel available
3) Get Gorilla with your marketing creativity
4) Continue to fan every social media
5) Write and publish a range of media releases on every media release platform that you can (yes, you or a friend can write a great statement, and yes there is an extensive range of free services to distribute these through. If your unique selling points and release creatives are good enough, mainstream press may pick up your story for much more full audience release)
6) Call every radio station within your region and talk yourself into some air time. This won’t happen in peak markets but late night may put you on the air in smaller markets)
7) Have a call to action on everything you do targeted to the one target destination

These are just a few of the more basic things that an internet and social media savvy person can achieve with a few hours work. You then need to see which marketing tactic is working best through channel monitoring then rinse and repeat on those tactics that are gaining you traction.

Keep drilling down and distilling what people are more receptive to in your message and your unique selling points. Build on this where you can. Maybe it’s creating a new meme for distribution, or an emoji that syncs with your product or service.

The skies are the limit when using your creativity. And you will need to be creative if you think about all of the marketing messages, promotions and look at me type promotions that are going on 24 hours a day. You need to break through that veneer with something new, fresh and surprising enough to firstly gauge interest and secondly gain a response to your call to action message.

Remember, it has been done before and it will be done again and today is your opportunity to shine.

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