Copywriters Secrets For Newbies

So you want some copywriters secrets? Are you looking to make a career change, and do you need a little direction for your journey? If this is the case, the following article might prove to be very useful. Because the copywriter’s secrets you are about to read will serve you every step of the way. What you choose to do with this information is totally up to you.

Make the Leap to Home Business Success

Develop Your Skills

When you first start out as a copywriter, the rates you work for can be pretty low. And while things like college degrees help you on the outside world, it’s experience and your reputation that drives your career as a copywriter. Clients don’t really care if you went to the best college in the world. They just want to know if you have the creative ability and work ethic to provide the content they need.

But if you don’t develop your writing skills you can’t expect the rates you charge to increase. And keep in mind that rates are associated with quality and speed. So if you want to make a decent living as a copywriter, stay on top of your skills and keep impressing clients.

Create A Formula Or Template

There are different types of copywriters, and in some cases you might have to write several articles about the exact same topic. Now, you can approach every article with a unique point of view. Or you can establish a formula or template of some kind to help you write the articles faster.

Do The Research

For the most part, clients can tell when the writer is confident or not. Because when you don’t have a good grasp of a concept, how can you possibly come up with content that will be informative to others? Even the way the article is written can exploit a writer without the proper knowledge of a topic.

That doesn’t mean you should shy away from what you don’t know. Instead, do the research and learn in-depth knowledge about the topics you write about. Because the more you understand, the more jobs become available.

Always Be Professional

Things like grammar and spelling are very important if you are charging people for content. Plus, you should only use credible sources if facts are part of the articles. But the point is to always be professional and pay attention to details. Even when you converse with the client via email, check for spelling errors.

Get Multiple Clients/Platforms

Being a copywriter means having multiple clients or working with multiple platforms at once. Why? Because articles are seasonal, and the same client is going to come back forever. When clients need a different style, they find another writer. This leaves you jobless unless you have a network geared towards bringing in new clients.

You need to sell your skills as a copywriter all year round if you want to keep the money flowing in. And as a last copywriter’s secret to leave you with, always stay up to date with online changes and trends. Clients like to work with writers who know what’s going on in the world.


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Tips For Choosing a Great Domain Name

Picking a domain name is just like choosing a company name. It calls for a lot of thought and consideration as it is vital for your success. Pick the wrong domain name and it can be hard to switch later without hurting your search rankings and brand. That’s why it is imperative that you pick the best one from the beginning. In this read, were are going to give you a few tips that you can implement to get the best domain name ideas and pick the best one.


Pick an Ideal Domain Name Extension

An extension is simply a suffix like .net or .com that appears at the end of a URL. Domain name extensions have specific uses and so, it’s important to ensure that you pick one that works for your niche or business. The dotcom extension is the most popular nowadays, but it can be hard to get a short plus memorable .com domain name as it has been around for so long and chances are there’s another company using a similar name.

However, there’s an array of relatively new generic domain names that offer an opportunity to register not only short but highly relevant names. They include .guru, .photography, .nyc, etc. Here are several other top-level domain name extensions and how they are usually used. for information websites meaning company, community or commerce.

-. Net for technical or internet infrastructure websites. for e-commerce websites. for non-profits and non-commercial organizations.

Utilize Keywords

Keywords play a crucial role in domains. By utilizing your primary keywords in the domain name, you are simply telling search engines like Google what your site is all about. Paired with good user experience and quality content, keywords in your domain can help your website rank higher on search engine results pages.

It’s hard to come across an excellent domain with your keywords that is not already taken. As such, you’ll need to be very creative and combine your KWs with other terms to make your domain name stand out.
Make it Unique

For your domain name to stand out, it needs to be distinct. As such, you will need research other sites in your niche and find out the domain names they are utilizing. The last thing you want is to accidentally use a name that has been trademarked or get accused of copyright.

It’s also advisable to choose a domain name that is more brandable. A domain name such as is certainly more brandable than Make it catchy and unique.

Keep It Short

Keywords are certainly crucial, but avoid going overboard with domain name length. It is always best to have a domain name that is short and memorable. Keep the domain name under 15 words. Any longer than this and people will have a hard time remembering it. Not to forget that users become more prone to making typos with longer names, meaning you’ll only increase the chances of losing out on traffic. So, ensure you keep your domain name short.

With these tips, you will certainly be able to come up with a domain name that will help build your brand and increase traffic.


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Some reasons to turn off blog commenting on your site

If you run a blog or site, you’ll quickly learn how beneficial comments can be. Or, at the very least, you will read about the important part they can possibly play. But assuming every comment you get is positive by nature is a big mistake. Because as great as comments can be, they can become the end of the blog or site.


In this article, some reasons to turn off blog commenting on your site will be discussed. And they are serious enough that several website owners choose to empower this feature.

Why Websites Urge Users To Leave A Comment

Firstly, it’s probably good to get an understanding of why website owners urge users to leave a comment, and it’s mostly about interaction. The more users interact with the site, the better the odds of getting higher rankings. And when they leave a comment, it shows they probably read the articles to the end, and it moved them enough to leave a comment.

So, yes, getting comments can tell you a lot about your blog, and help to push higher rankings. But what can possibly be a good reason for turning off blog commenting?

Marketers Looking For Free Ad Space

Some internet marketers are more determined than others. That means they will exploit every free space they get, even when the topic of the article isn’t relevant to the comment being left. While you get excited about the first comment on your blog, you can expect several internet marketers to target the comment space. In other words, they don’t care about your post. They only want to tap into your traffic.

The Competition Uses It To Bring About Negative Publicity

If you have commenting section available, you are making your blog or site vulnerable to the competition. Of course, it is unprofessional and doesn’t happen too often, but the competition might post comments to deter clients. And given that website owners can’t always check the comment section all the time, owners might not want to risk the five minutes of negative publicity.

Dangerous Links

In addition to the competition and internet marketers, you have to pay attention to aggressive users that just want to cause trouble. And a common way of causing trouble is by posting dangerous links with their comment. By leaving this link, you associate with it, which can cause your ranking to drop along with your traffic.

You Simply Don’t Want Personal Opinions

When you don’t have time for reputation management, don’t put yourself in a position to face it. If you can’t reply to comments in time or appropriately, don’t allow people to make them.

Consider Vetting The Comments Before Allowing Publication

At the end of the day, you want to consider a system where you can check the comments before they go live. This way you can curb anything negative or dangerous, but you can still allow users to interact.

So, sometimes it could be a good thing to turn off the commenting features, but know why you are doing it.