3 Highly Effective Email List Building Techniques for 2017

Times changes, things change, the internet changes and most of all, the best way to get new subscribers changes as well.


3 Highly Effective Email List Building Techniques for 2017

If you have methods to build your email lists that are already working, then obviously you’ll want to continue with those methods.

But you might want to also consider adding one or more of the following list building techniques – especially since they’re proving to be highly effective right now.

1: Use Facebook Live Videos

Facebook receives 8 billion video views per day. What’s even more impressive is users are watching live videos three times more than recorded videos.

Influencers in every niche are using Facebook Live to engage their audience, strengthen their brand and answer their followers’ questions.

And you already know how much easier it is to persuade people to take action when they’re engaged with you live. Simply give them the URL to your squeeze page where they can pick up something awesome for free, and they’ll sign up – that’s really all it takes.

Remember to place your squeeze page link as a pinned comment on your video and video description, so they can access it even when you’re not live.

Facebook Live videos are enjoying a healthy organic reach right now, too. Which is why now is the best time to use Facebook Live to build your list, before Facebook goes and changes something that makes it more difficult to reach people.

2: Guest Posting with Upgrades

Writing an ordinary guest post and relying on the author bio link to send you subscribers might have worked ten years ago, but now it’s a recipe for wasted time and effort.

Instead of relying on the author’s box, offer a content upgrade from within the article itself.

First, you’re going to write a truly high quality post that goes deep into your subject. When you think you’ve run out of actionable insights, use this phrase, “For example…” and then put in a great example or two.

Your goal is to positively WOW your readers.

Next, think of your guest post as being the first installment of a spectacular series – sort of like the pilot to a new television show.

You want to not only wow them, but also leave them wanting even more. For example, when you’re watching a television show and it ends in a cliffhanger, what do you do?

You watch the next episode, of course.

Your post should be the same way. It’s got to provide a ton of satisfaction to the reader, yet it’s also got to leave them wanting more. Then when you offer your content upgrade, it’s only natural that they take it.

Here are some examples:

You write a guest post on a brand new traffic method. You go into detail on how it works. Then you offer them a free video showing the method in action.

You write a guest post on how to write a non-fiction book in 30 days. Then you offer them a book outline and your best resources for getting the job done.

You write a guest post on how to build a deck. Then you offer them blueprints and diagrams to go along with the step by step method you just taught.

And on and on. No matter what your topic might be, there is a content upgrade you can offer that is so helpful and important to reaching the goal, the reader doesn’t think twice about grabbing it.

A good content upgrade can increase your sign up rate by 500-1000%. In fact, you should never, ever guest blog post without offering a stellar content upgrade to go with your already impressive and benefit intense post.

3: Host a Virtual Summit

You’ve seen virtual summits and probably even participated in a few of them. Someone grabs 10 or 20 experts in a niche, chooses a tightly focused topic and interviews each expert on that topic.

The experts then get to pitch a product at the end, or ask people to join their list by offering an enticing lead magnet.

These summits might last for a few days or up to two weeks. Each day one or two new interviews are added. Usually they’re video interviews, but you can still do audio since people love podcasts.

Access to the interviews is only given for free for a short time – generally a few hours to a few days.

If attendees want permanent access to all interviews, along with written transcripts and notes, they pay a fee such as $47 or $97.

As the host, you get to pocket a portion of the money. And each expert you interview gets to promote the summit to their lists and make a portion of that money as well.

But did you know the main reason for hosting or participating in the summit isn’t for the money – it’s for the list?!

Since the summit is promoted by each expert to their lists, it’s potentially promoted to a lot of people. For example, 20 experts each promoting to a list of 25,000 people would be 500,000 potential subscribers.

Naturally you won’t get them all, but even if only 10% opt in to watch the videos for free, you’ve got 50,000 new subscribers.

And of course each expert picks up new subscribers or customers as well.

Make no mistake – coordinating these events, doing the interviews, setting everything up technically – it’s challenging.

But it’s also worth it. As the host, you walk away with some extra money in your pocket, or at least your expenses covered.

You have an instant list of engaged people.

And you’ve connected with 10 to 20 experts in your field.

If your experts are promoting a product, you have the option of negotiating a percentage of profits on those sales as well.

If you’re just starting in your field, you probably won’t get the top tier names to say yes to participating in your summit. But that’s okay, because you can simply go to tier-two experts with smaller lists and work with them instead.

And once you have a successful summit under your belt, you can then do more summits with increasingly well-known experts.

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