5 Ways To Get People To Actually Read Your Posts

You may have your online personality down pat, and you may even know how to write engaging blog posts, but if no one’s reading them, that could be a serious issue. You need traffic to your blog, website or social media pages in order to really make a difference with your written content. Perhaps, you may even have some ideas on how to do just that, but here are five tried and true ways that you can gain a better readership.


Use Social Media Networking

A blog itself can only do so much. It exists as a platform to house your thoughts and posts, but if you want people to read what you write, spreading the word is the only way to accomplish that. Use the friends and followers you have on social media to your advantage. For example, when you publish a new post, share it on social networks and get more views in that manner.

Bring In The Search Engines

Perhaps the easiest and most plausible way to get people reading your content is by getting indexed by search engines. There are plenty of existing theories on how to attract the attention of search engine algorithms, but the consensus seems to be that writing high quality posts and using the right tags is a great way to start.

Read And Comment Other Posts

This advice may seem very 1990s, but actually subscribing to other blogs and making comments on other posts can get you great exposure. It’s important to build a connection with other bloggers and help each other out. It’s worth noting that your comments should be relevant to the posts and not just spam begging people to visit your website.

Make Regular Posts

Search engines love websites that are constantly updating their content. You may feel discouraged when you first start writing your posts, but don’t let a lack of traffic prevent you from getting somewhere. Create a posting schedule for your content and keep writing quality pieces that will inspire others to keep coming back.

Pay For Traffic

Some people may view the act of paying for traffic a bit desperate, but it can be a great way to get the ball rolling. You need exposure, and sometimes, the only way to get exposure for your posts is to pay for views and to have your website linked by others. Make sure that if you do end up choosing this option, you purchase views from a professional and honest company. Your blog may be negatively impacted if you receive spam comments or too many undesirable visits.

It can be hard when you first start your own blog. Of course, it’s also normal to feel discouraged during the first phases of getting your blog posts up and running. The point is, instead of feeling like a failure and giving up, spend some time getting the necessary recognition your posts deserve through the avenues listed above. No blogger was a success overnight, but you can build a good readership with some effort!

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