Stay At Home Mom – Entrepreneur

If you’re a stay at home mom, you might think there is no home based business that’s right for you. You can’t spend time in front of the computer and not pay attention to your kids! A closer look, though, at home based business opportunities will show you that there are plenty of options for a stay at home mom to bring in extra income.

The first is extremely obvious. Get paid for what you are already doing, that being watching kids. You can become a licensed day care operator. When you take a look at other people running day cares in your area, you’ll notice quite a few are run out of a home, you can do the same.

Your time doesn’t need to be spent just watching kids. You can also start an animal sitting service from your home. This might not be right for someone who lives in an apartment, but if you have the space, both inside and out, pet sitting might be right for you. Dog walking is another service that you could do to make extra money.

Baked goods are always big sellers and if you are good in a kitchen, use that skill to make you money. It’s not uncommon for people to sell cookies or cakes to friends, family and even to people online. Plus if your culinary skills are top notch you could become a personal chef. You make the meals at your place, refrigerate them and they would then be ready for pick up or delivery. Other options include scrapbooking, craft making and even online survey taking, which can be done when the kids are taking a nap.

With a little bit of imagination and utilizing the resources that are already at your fingertips, you can be both a stay at home mom and a home based business entrepreneur. You’ll still have the quality time with your children and at the same time you’ll be building a viable income. Sounds like a win-win situation all the way around!

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