A Home Business For a Stay At Home Mom

Most people assume that owning a home business equals wealth and unlimited free time. The reality is far different. It is more like having six kids that all want attention right now.

Stay-at-home moms are often enticed by the thought of having extra money or helping with the bills. These moms want to work at home, make money and spend time with the kids while taking care of the house and everything else. It does not take long to realize that there are only so many hours in a day.

Good time management and organizational skills are essential to success. The kids must have a routine, all the home chores must be efficiently completed and then a specific time each day must be set aside for the business. Flexible consistency is the key to getting through each day. A home business can be chosen once the basic household routines are in place. Obviously, the mom’s skills will predominately influence the type of business.

New skills can be learned but this will increase the time till profitability. The needs and abilities of the children should be considered when choosing a business. The children may be able to help sort clothes or take out seams in a sewing business. A transcription business will require a quiet place away from distractions. Traditional services like babysitting, sewing and ironing are relatively easy to offer in areas with many busy people. Word of mouth is the best way to build up clients.

When somebody finds a reliable and caring sitter, they just have to tell their friends. The same applies to someone who can hem a pair of pants well. Other services may depend on training and education. An accountant or bookkeeper can set aside an area in their home to do business and see clients.

A concierge or travel agent will often have on-the-job experience before moving their work home. The internet is the fastest growing source of home business opportunities. Free-lance writing is a fun and flexible source of steady income. Many companies hire employees to work at home as help desk operators and telemarketers. Search job listings on well-known sites for companies with telecommuting jobs.

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