A Successful Home Business: Are You Standing in Your Own Way?

There are a few conditions, which are largely psychological, that really keep people from realizing their full potential when it comes to actually getting their home business started. Obviously most things require more than a desire or a ‘vision’ to materialize. We have to make it happen.

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One of these self-limiting conditions has been referred to as ‘paralysis by analysis’. This is where people get stuck in the learning curve. They just keep reading and searching and researching. They never feel that they know enough to actually take action with any of the information they have gleaned.

Paralysis by analysis is somewhat like stage fright, but then again it can also be an excuse to avoid doing the work; and even to feel insulated against potential failure. Of course we will never know if we will win or lose unless we try. If people have been beaten down by negative people in their family or working lives, then they are likely to feel a little insecure.

The way to ‘cure’ this condition is to take action – Whatever excuse your mind tells you that supposedly would preclude you from doing what you need to do – just blow it out of the water by just doing it. Then you will have the self-confidence to know that you can do it and in fact you did do it. Don’t worry about if it isn’t the best thing you have ever written or created. You will learn as you go along and gain experience.

Outside of something really scandalous there is no sign on your name that tells people you wrote a boring article or posted a bad looking advertisement in your secret past! If you don’t feel you have any experience you can truthfully write about, then find something written by someone who has, and review that or even quote them. Something along the lines that it ‘appears’ to you AND so-and-so is quoted as saying ‘blah-blah’; and so that really allows you to believe in your first impression.

Another condition that is somewhat related is the person that perceives a million problems. If they are actually real errors then they can be corrected. Follow the logical path – contact support, contact someone who would be willing to help you, find out what you need to do to get past the problem. Then move on. If you really can’t resolve the issue – still move on but make a note to revisit the issue at a later time. The point is don’t allow whatever it is stop you.

Some of these problems people see may not even exist in reality, like, ‘well I just don’t have the money’; well, then learn a strategy that you can do for free or at less cost than that you feel you can’t afford. If you understand your own priorities, you could sacrifice something that is not essential in order to be able to do something you want or need to do for your business.

It is most likely you need to really want or need to start a business to consider it a top priority. What could you do without in order to have the money? Is it possibly a movie, trip, outfit, DVD, or dining out? Are they more important? Then go ahead and do that and forget starting a business. Hopefully you will prefer to focus all your energy and resources on your business.


Howard Whittington

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