Advertising Business Opportunities: Create a Great Looking Direct Mailer

You realize through much research a direct mail campaign would work great for your business. The cost is right and you can purchase a mailing list to specifically target your audience. Now all you need is the direct mail piece itself. The problem is how you put together your direct mail piece. Rest easy, though, as designing your direct mailer is easier than you think.

You have to answer some questions before you can determine layout and size. Figure out the answer to questions like: What is my goal of this mailer? What is the most important message I want to get out in your mailer? What is my offer?

Once you’ve answered those questions, determine a size. Your mailer could be anywhere from postcard size, to letter size to brochure or pamphlet size.

The size is figured out, now it’s time to write the message. You don’t have to be a professional writer to do this but remember, visualize your audience, use words like “you”, and of course give them what’s called a “call to action” which tells them how to respond to your offer.

You can then start to design your piece. Keep your mailer simple and clean. Clutter is bad when it comes to advertising. Make sure the call to action is easy to locate and only use one headline. Believe it or not, using more than one headline is a common mistake. If you have a logo, incorporate it. You can also utilize a wealth of images that can be found online. The actual layout can be done on your home computer with a graphic design program or if you aren’t comfortable with that, a local print shop can help you with the layout. Just be prepared to pay for this service. Once you have it laid out, print how many copies you need and you’re ready to go. Make sure you weigh the cost of printing in bulk on your home computer versus taking the mailer to a print shop.

You now have a slick looking direct mail piece that very clearly identifies your product or service. You already have the mailing list; now go use that great looking direct mailer to make your business a great profit!

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