Are you Being Realistic about Starting an Online Business?

So many people think they want to start a business and then change their mind when they find out that a real, legitimate business requires much learning, working and allowing enough time for things to develop after they implement them. You know, logic.

work to win

There is really no magic here or instant riches for anybody. When advertisements appear to say otherwise, people really need to get real and read between the lines. It is not that the ‘hype’ is necessarily a lie – It is just telling us that it is POSSIBLE to earn money “quickly”.

Perhaps there are proven examples of people who have ‘made a killing’; and others who are just enjoying a nice supplemental income. Someday they may actually build the business up to the point where they can quit their day job and just work from home.

So let’s qualify the word ‘quickly’. It is subjective what ‘quickly’ means to different people – but in this context quickly when compared to starting a business offline is absolutely true – Just like everything else on the Internet, it’s a lot faster than offline to deliver messages, find information, process transactions, etc.

You really can be in business in 24-hours by joining an affiliate program. For example, where everything is done for you and all you need to do is start advertising and marketing the product or service using the resources the program provides to you. They will handle your sales transactions and even service for your customers. Then they will pay you a commission.

However although it is still POSSIBLE it is not likely you will be earning money within 24-hours. So you see they didn’t lie but if you just stop and think about it, if it was possible to be a millionaire within 24-hours then why wouldn’t we all be millionaires? What it actually means is within 24-hours you can START the process.

It’s funny because some people liken starting an Internet home business to the lottery rather than to a job or business – That is the only way to make money instantly is to win the lottery – It’s a fantasy and we won’t mention the very tiny chance of winning there. Your chance of winning the lottery on a single ticket is one in 175 million. That seems tiny, and it is.

It is actually incredible how many people think that the results of an Internet business should be IMMEDIATE! Or else it must be bogus! We are done! No magic here (either), let’s move along now and find the next shiny object! Guess what? They usually pronounce the whole Internet a sham and don’t trust anybody or anything they see. All because they don’t really want to work and don’t realize that everything is a gamble. However you will hedge your bets if you are willing to actually work at developing your business seriously.





Howard Whittington

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