Are You Sure You Really Want an Internet Marketing Home Business?

It’s so weird how some people look at Internet home business as so one-dimensional. They may put out a little effort to join something, and go through a half-hearted motion to show a little interest; but that only goes just that far. No matter how much they receive to help them build a business, the whole ‘journey falls off right there where the help ends.

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There may not be any further progress that would be considered a serious attempt to succeed in business beyond that juncture. You see they may have lost interest just by the mere mention of the concept of ‘w-o-r-k’! With the Internet it should be instant. It should be magical. The ‘money grows on trees’ don’t you know? Or another possibility is that they just do not relate to working on their own. That is they need to be supervised.

There are however with all due respect many who really do try – even if only for a while, they give it the ‘old college try’. But then they roundly reject the whole idea and assume there is some problem with the business or service if they do not see evidence within a set time-period where usually the main consideration beyond the necessary work is that they just don’t want to pay the monthly fee again.

Some drop in and kick the tires, then quit; and then drop back in and quit again – and it is ok to quit as long as you try again. It’s really a true statement, ‘you can’t fail unless you quit’. You can’t fail as long as you keep trying – as long as you do not ‘accept defeat’.

It is no sin that not everyone can do two main things that seem contrary to the usual working class mindset. #1 Work without being paid, even if working for themselves; #2 Continue to work without evidence of any progress (i.e., walking in faith = believing in the unseen). You have to determine early on if you might not be able to do that.

Otherwise it may be best just to get a second job or part-time job or some way to make money that doesn’t involve working for yourself (and not getting paid right away or even for sure). The perfect time to start a business is while you are working at least part-time or have some way to support yourself while you develop your business.

Besides that all being a real challenge for most people, people really do need to make money and that is why they are starting a business. When they see that it will take time, effort and likely at least some money, they often balk. They really can’t afford this scenario and maybe they didn’t realize that until they saw what would be involved in developing a real business.

People need to really have self-confidence for many reasons but particularly in business, because for one thing, they will have to constantly justify what they are doing on the Internet hour after day. They will even ask themselves at times, as well as to need to answer to their significant others’ objections. It would be much better if they had support particularly at a time like this.

However, it’s not hard to understand how someone might really believe you are spinning your wheels and being played for a fool if they can only relate to having a job and working a specific period of time for a specific amount of money – no more and no less. If they see work and no guaranteed return on investment, then it doesn’t ‘compute’ to them.

Not everyone has the ‘entrepreneurial’ spirit – and they should probably not try to start a business at least on the usual ‘shoestring’ budget. No crime in that either.




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