Best Blogging Advice – Ever

I saw a great piece of advice on Quora the other day about blogging.


Best Blogging Advice - Ever

Someone wrote in and asked if they had missed the blogging boat – could they start now, or were they too late?

They received all kinds of advice, but this tidbit from Jeff Sauer was the best:

First Jeff advises him to take action immediately and get a free blog on WordPress.

Then Jeff says…

“Write a post.”

“Write another.”

“Write 50 more posts.”

“Then delete the blog.”

“You will no longer be concerned about starting a blog. Instead, you will have an understanding of the commitment ahead.”

Jeff then advises to start a new blog on a domain name the blogger will own forever. Take note of mistakes made on the previous blog, and don’t make them again.

Now write 100 more posts.

And eventually you will become a good writer.

Now then…

You might be wondering WHY I like this advice so much, and here’s the reason:

It’s telling the reader to DO something, over and over and over again until they get GOOD at it.

And it’s showing the reader how to overcome fear by simply doing, and doing again.

Will it take you 150 posts to get good at blogging?

Probably not.

But if you’re willing to make that kind of commitment, then it’s just a matter of time and practice before you become truly great at what you’re doing.

So go ahead. Create a throw-away blog just for practice. Use a pen name.

Write for the sake of writing.

And each time you strike gold, sharpen and refine the post, and put it on your public blog.

People might think you’re an overnight success.

But you and I will know it was simply a matter of practice, practice and practice.

Because that’s how you reach success – through dedication and unwavering perseverance.

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