Blogging for Internet Marketing – Got ‘Writer’s Block’?

Writer’s block seems to be more of an issue of a lack of
ideas on what to write about than the actual inability to
write. Especially when someone is new and they can’t
truthfully say how successful they have been yet, people
will sometimes feel they have nothing to say. There is also
so much information they are being barraged with and it
makes them feel like they don’t know anything. These are
just temporary obstacles if a person really wants to write.

New marketers should understand that they NEED to be able to
write – no matter what. Blogging is the primary valuable
and by the way FREE way to promote a domain, website or
business. This is therefore not a fact that we can just
‘file and forget’- We must somehow force ourselves to
write; and it is not only blogging, but writing ads,
communicating with our peers, prospects and customers,
trying to convey an issue to a technical support or customer
service agent to get something done, and participating in
social networks and forums.

Some of these avenues, for example blogging and maybe
submitting articles to a directory, we could pay for
ghostwriters to create content for us. They can be
reasonably priced for the average person – Maybe $5-25 per
article. For sales pages and advertising we might need
expensive copywriters and designers in order to get really
professional, compelling copy and design to promote our
business, and these can cost a lot more. (so best if we
learn how to do this ourselves to some degree in the future,
if possible or hope we can afford to pay).

If you are like most people starting out in Internet
Marketing you don’t have a lot of money to work with at
first and maybe even for the first year or so. This is one
of the reasons why you just need to sit down and start
writing. Write anything. Pretend you are writing a letter
to a friend – and you do want to write as if you are open
and relaxed as you would with a friend. Nobody needs to
create a text book or technical specifications here, just be
able to clearly convey an idea or concept – even an opinion

Don’t get ‘stage fright’ – nobody is going to judge you –
that is if you can at least be cognizant of correct spelling
and grammar, which only requires proofreading and being
careful – as close to accurate as we can get, maybe looking
up a few words on a search engine if you are not sure how it
is spelled; Most Wordprocessors have spell check so that
should help too. (however they don’t catch things like
words that are spelled correctly but used in the wrong
context – for example – ‘Right me a letter’ should of
course be ‘Write me a letter) So just take a minute to
browse through what you have written before you publish it.
Doesn’t need to be perfect, just close!

So what if you are not an expert marketer or writer yet? Not
a problem. You can write about what you are learning, your
opinion of things that you read. And by the way, reading is
an excellent way to get ideas for what to write about. Of
course never copy word for word, but you can just rewrite
anything in your own words. Of course be honest if you have
not yet experienced something yourself first-hand or earned
a substantial amount – There is nothing wrong with quoting
people who have. As long as you are truthful and give
credit to the author, and use “quote” marks to indicate
you are quoting not composing.

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