Business Management 901

If you are a home business entrepreneur you likely work at home alone online pretty much. The majority of your interactions are done online, or maybe on the phone. However, you may have occasions where you do projects with others or collaborate. It is important that you conduct yourself in a professional manner just as you expect your peers to treat you.

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One very important point for any business is that although there must be those who need to take the lead, and people who follow instructions, directions should go both ways. It should go both from the top down as well as from the bottom up.

This is in part so you will get the true feedback and get it from where it comes from – where the actual work is done. Some are able to see the big picture and some see only all the day-to-day details (operations). Both are very necessary if one is going to be aware of how their business is doing.

Many management professionals do not have a clue what is going on or how to actually do anything (with all due respect). This is a mistake. If it is your business then you should know how to run it should that ever become necessary and as a given know at all times that things are being taken care of efficiently.

Some other important points to always keep in mind on this topic are: Mutual respect is very important in order for people to work together in harmony. If there are issues with this they should be discussed openly and with no fear of reprisal for telling the truth. What can be resolved should be and then move on as if nothing was ever said.

Especially if you ask for feedback it shouldn’t be in a shallow or plastic way where you are not really listening. Really listen and consider what is being said. Before you shoot the idea down, really consider whether it is a better idea than the way you would do it. This works both ways as well. Humility goes a long, long way particularly in any confrontation.

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