Can You Make Money From Home Filling Out Surveys?

Fill out a survey and get money? Sounds fishy, doesn’t it?

Actually, several legitimate survey sites exist that allow you to sign up and start receiving surveys to fill out. After you fill out a survey, you get paid.

Typically, you have to sign up and fill out a form, then a short survey so that the survey site has a better idea of who you are and can send you surveys based on that information. For example, they might not send the same survey to an elderly woman as they would a household with children.

Within a day or two, you’ll get an e-mail with a link that will bring you to a survey. Fill it out and, voila, you get paid.

It’s not quite that simple, however. Many times, you will receive a survey that pays out $10 and is supposed to take about 30 minutes to fill out. Hey, that’s $20 an hour. Not bad! You begin filling out the survey and then…you get kicked out. They asked you if you have a smoker in your house, and you answered, “no.” Chances are, the company doing the research had something to do with tobacco use. You don’t know who the company is and who they are looking for. You might try to cheat the system and next time answer “yes” there is a smoker. Except this time, they don’t want smokers to answer their survey.

That’s why if you do sign up for a survey site, they stress you should answer the questions truthfully and not try to beat the system. You can’t.Filling out surveys won’t make you rich, but will put a few extra bucks in your pocket at the end of the month. And some sites offer small commissions when someone you refer to their site fills out surveys. If you are an active recruiter the potential for earning more money is there.Word of caution: Don’t pay to have surveys sent to you. Money goes one way—toward you.

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