Can You Really Earn Money While You Sleep?

There are many ads claiming that you can earn money while you sleep. It is actually true that you can, as surprising as it may seem. It has to be understood however, while you are awake, you need to do the work to keep your business running smoothly.


People might think that when you work at home you can be lazy, because of so many ads that promise to ‘earn money while you sleep’ and that you can ‘work in your pajamas’. These are both popular selling points. However, nothing could be further from the truth than that you don’t need to put in time working when you have a home business. In fact in many cases you will work more than you do now if you have a ‘day job’.

What is in fact meant by ‘earn money while you sleep’ is that the Internet is always open for business 24/7 all over the world. If you have a website or even just a sales page, then theoretically at any time someone may be shopping and making a purchase. You don’t need to be present or even awake!

With an affiliate marketing business, your sweet dreams can be even sweeter, because the affiliate program will handle the customer service and sales transaction for you. Your job is only to do the marketing and advertising to generate traffic and thereby promote sales. Then all you have to do is collect your commissions!

However, far too many people believe that just having a website running is all that is required to earn an income online. They are sorely disappointed when they find out they have earned as much as the effort they put into it. There is a saying, ‘you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear’ – that means you can’t expect any kind of quality unless you have the right components. In this case if you want wealth then you need to work at it.

In order to earn money from the Internet we should learn all the techniques to attract sales through direct advertising and through search engine marketing. We should implement strategies that will get people to notice us and ideally to like what we have to offer and how we are doing it.

Developing a successful home business is not an overnight process and unless we can afford to pay others to promote our business for us, then we better be sure we get all our work done before we snooze. ‘Wake up and smell the coffee’).


Howard Whittington

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