Could An Internet Home Business Work For You?

There are some primary issues to consider before you embark
online to start a business from home. It takes a certain
number of elements that you need to have, beyond a need for
extra cash, because it is not the same as having a job in
many respects…

There is structure with a job — you know what time to show
up; what duties you need to perform; what your deadlines
are; what is the time allowed for your breaks and lunch
period; and when to wrap it up and go home for the day. You
know more or less exactly what to expect each day, and you
know how much money you will make at the end of each pay
period. You can budget accordingly and plan your life.

You are accountable to your supervisor, manager and/or team.
You have a foundation that has already been implemented for
you. Systems and format are all in place and you just need
to be trained and learn how to use them to do the duties
expected of you.

You may love your job and excel, even going ‘beyond
expectations’ for your position; or it may only be a means
to an end. You do it for the money only – to survive.
Probably if you had more say about how things are done, or
had influence on how far you could go ‘up the ladder’ you
might be a whole lot more enthused. Either way, ‘you have
to do what you have to do to get by’.

When you are your own boss, for example if you start an
Internet home business, you have to have the discipline and
motivation to do the necessary work. You strongly need the
ability to stay motivated day in and day out when you are
not seeing any results yet. Technically you are not even
being paid for the time you are spending. It can be like

So you can see how it is very easy to become discouraged,
unless you are able to remain positive about your goals, and
remain absolutely determined. This is critical. If you
don’t, you may give up before you have given yourself a
real chance to succeed with your own business. You know why
they say 95% fail at Internet marketing? It’s because only
5% don’t quit. The same 5% that never quit!

Internet marketers may change their strategies with the
various new waves, but they always stick to their goal,
which is to succeed. They get more determined, not
discouraged, when things are slow to develop. Instead of
giving up because they don’t see any results instantly,
they fight harder and stick to their plan.

This is a particularly strong point to consider because
especially in the beginning you will likely be working many
long hours without pay and without seeing anything that
tells you that you are on the right track. You have to have
the ability to turn any discouraging or negative thoughts or
comments from others into determination. You have to fight
the demons! If you don’t it is possible you will acquire an
attitude of ‘why bother’ and stop trying. You can’t let
that happen if you truly want to have your dream of your own
successful online business.

‘Self-talk’ really may help you – Just keep telling
yourself you can do it! Believe with all your heart that you
can do anything you put your mind to. Then take action
every day or as often as you can, to implement the things
you have learned. Keep learning and growing along with your

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