Developing a New Business Online – Trust is Key

If you think about it, trust is really key to most
everything we do. They say the more we trust, the more
ability we have to navigate the environment to reach our
goals. It is like a give and take situation where the more
you give the more you get in return.

Some examples of possible behavior in this regard would be
the difference between suspicion and giving someone the
benefit of the doubt. The former puts up barriers and
defenses which may impede progress and actually become
limitations, more than protecting us from what we suspect.
It may well result in termination. The latter allows things
to flow and develop as they will. If all goes well, there
will be a successful transaction or exchange as a result.

With that said, nobody should just trust blindly in most
cases. We need to create trust by for example doing research
and having direct experience; and finding favorable results,
we then start to trust that we are going in the right
direction and therefore begin to have confidence in our
actions and the process. We trust it.

When we decide to step ‘out of the box’ and create our own
source of income we must trust our own judgment, but not
until we really determine in our own minds that we CAN DO
this. If it is feasible that we actually have enough
resources to pull it off then we begin to believe it.
Resources are tangible elements such as skills, experience,
information, time and opportunity, in addition to actual
money if any to invest.

However, intangible resources may even play a bigger role
than any of the above, being substantial, like attitude
(‘mindset’), maturity, discipline, and real desire to
accomplish our goal; determination and willingness to work
hard over time, possibly without seeing any proof or results
for an extended period.

While we may be able to study our statistics and tracking to
determine if we are on the right track, definite faith and
trust are without a doubt, pre-requisite to starting any new
venture. We just plain couldn’t and wouldn’t do anything
different where we are ‘stepping out on a limb’ if we
didn’t trust that it would be possible to succeed.

People might say ‘oh this is not for me, I need to know for
sure that I am going to have the money by a certain date’.
In the job world, we have had a job offer and job
description that includes the amount of money we can expect
on what day each month. We likely know what our expenses are
to live and how much money we need to make that happen. We
could TRUST that if we kept our word and did our best that
they would honor their promises and we would have what we
expect to earn by when.

Yet there are never any guarantees and I think a couple
recessions in the USA have proven that anybody, regardless
of education or expertise can suddenly find themselves
without an income. If you are very fortunate you have a
little wiggle room in your severance package/unemployment
insurance so that you can survive while you find another
source of income. This is really the ideal time to try to
develop your own business.

However it is a real concern that you do need to think of
your survival first no matter what, so part of the plan to
start a new business should take that into consideration.
It may be that you will need to start saving money while you
are still working to ensure you are not caught completely
off-guard if they pull the rug out from underneath you.

If you find yourself ‘out on the street’ suddenly, then
your first consideration should be to cover your expenses,
as you will need to live while you are building your new
business. You can support yourself by way of at least a
part-time job or working temporary contracts as a consultant
if you do not have severance pay and/or unemployment
insurance. The point is to have a plan for all

Bottom line – you have to trust or gamble – but make it less
of a risk by being prepared and having a plan of action. It
is much better to start something on your own when you are
not in desperate circumstances.

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