Do You Want To Work At Home To Start An Online Business?

Well what is stopping you!? Is it that you can’t seem to
focus on creating a plan because you just don’t know where
to even start? Or you are not sure if you could do it? Or do
you figure you can’t do it because you ‘have to have money
to make money’? Don’t even have any ideas about what you
could do to earn money from home?

Whenever in doubt try to find the logic. Make some lists.
For List #1 – what the obstacles are that you fear? Why are
you not sure you could it? (for example lack of time, lack
of money, lack of computer skills); For List #2 list some
ideas of possible ways to make money, including how/where to
get the money you need to start up (and pretend temporarily
there are no perceived obstacles to doing that).

For List #3, just brainstorm possible ways you could
overcome the obstacles you pointed to in List #1 & #2. Be
realistic but really don’t over-think this – just write
down any ideas that come to mind, either way, positive and
negative. Just get it out to the visual realm so that you
can better imagine your situation.

If you are really determined to realize your dream of
starting a business in your home you will find a way. It may
not be today or next week, but if you are really serious,
eventually you will at least try it. How well your attempt
goes is another story. It really depends not just on the
goal or desire, but in your planning and discipline. They
say the most successful people are those who are organized
and have paid attention to detail. They have a plan.

In order to have a plan, we need to focus on it. If you are
sitting in your living room, watching TV, surfing the net,
talking to the family, and the dog keeps jumping over you,
it is going to be harder to focus on thinking and planning.
So just as you would get up and go to work, do the same
thing. Have some area that is more or less private where
you can ‘hear yourself think’. When you get to the point
where you are seriously ready to begin, you should have an
area that is private, quiet and uncluttered because noise
and chaos steal your focus.

Once you have determined what you would like to do, and you
have imagined realistic ways you can overcome the obstacles,
start doing some research online. Look for resources that
are available to you. For example if you really are still
not sure exactly what you could do, you might want to get
involved in an affiliate program to ‘test the waters’ –
the reason being no matter what business you decide to
create, it is going to involve marketing and advertising if
you want to make money. An affiliate program is a good way
to see just that.

Find out what the program recommends as far as promoting
that business. Make another list – for example, you will
likely need a web page, an autoresponder, a business email
account or service. Later on you can search for companies
that provide services and list their costs, or learn what
the service involves, and how you can do it yourself for
free if need be.

It may take you a few attempts to get to what you really
want to do and find out how to do it – no matter what – and
the key here is ‘no matter what’. Determination and
planning are what will give you the power to accomplish your
dreams. It may take a few attempts at different things, so
just don’t give up too soon.


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