Don’t Play the Blame Game with Your Home Business

Who is responsible for our lives? We are. Sometimes things happen that we can’t control but for the most part we are the ones in charge. If things don’t go as we planned then it is us that needs to do something to improve things.

no blame

The truth is that when people blame God, their country, their ‘luck’, or their affiliate program for their failure, they are just copping out. It’s ok but if you need an excuse to fail, grab one. Of course it’s better  if you don’t and instead you come up with alternatives to keep on trying. That depends on you and the strength of your character as well as if you are truly motivated to have your own business.

Alternatives may include putting things aside for a better time and then to begin again when the time and circumstances are more appropriate for you. They may also include scratching everything and starting over from the very beginning. For some reason you just may have gotten off on the wrong foot or had too many other priorities. It could have been a million different things. There is no blame.

You see, if you blame external forces when things go wrong or just don’t go period, then you have a perfect excuse not to analyze what may have been the problem and correct it. It may actually be the program but you would really need to analyze it to reach that conclusion. It does happen, but the truth is it is more than likely that you did not engage with it enough.

You have to realize when there are people in the same program that are doing great with it after investing sufficient effort to promote it, that it probably isn’t the program that is the problem. Right? Maybe if you spent some time and did some networking someone would give you some tips.

One of the beauties of computer world and online world is you find people who do not see you as competition or someone to be feared, but as a peer and someone who should be helped if needed. It is as if helping others is something to be very proud of and appears to be as important as earning commissions. Always remember it Is true that ‘what comes around goes around’. Shine your light wherever you can!

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