Dress For Success With Your Direct Sales Opportunities

Direct sales opportunities present unique challenges compared to most home based businesses. These money making ventures require face to face interaction that can be difficult for some. As you think about your strategy for success, here are a few helpful hints to make your presentation style really pop.

Think first about the first thing people see: you. Are you dressed for success? Are you the picture they have in mind of someone they can trust with their money? Market research suggests that the way you present yourself is as important to your pitch as the way your product looks. A business suit or similarly professional attire sends a message to your customers that you really care about what you do. A professional hairstyle and proper grooming relate to customers that you care for yourself and take time on your own upkeep, and are likely to do the same for your business.

Second, an important part of dressing for success is comfort. A name brand suit doesn’t do much for your business if you grimace in pain every time you wear it. Additionally, clothes that do not fit your body properly present a sloppy outlook and can detract from your presentation of the product. Even yard sales clothes that fit right and enhance your physical appearance are far superior to name brand clothing that does not bring out your attributes.

Third, when your business call for less face time and more phone time, consider business casual clothes to work in rather than pajamas. Comfort is important to maintaining a long call schedule, but business casual attire can help you remember you are talking to clients and not your best friend. Dressing for success is an important part of preparing your business. When you take time to invest in yourself, you send a message to the public that it is safe for them to invest in you, too.

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