Easy Ways to Make Money Online

There are two simple ways to make money online; writing and selling your unwanted items. If you are looking for fun and easy ways to make extra income, writing blog and website content and selling the stuff you own but no longer want are both activities that can be done online.

eBay and Craig’s List are both very well known sites that are used for selling your unwanted items. Both of these sites are easy to use and they both allow you to easily edit and track your listings as well as post photos to them. While eBay does charge a listing fee, they frequently offer special listing fees, which occasionally include free listings. eBay also allows you the ability to sell the item at a fixed price, allow others to have a bidding war for your item or to use a combination of these methods.

Selling more items on eBay will allow you to increase your selling reputation. When using eBay you will be able to sell to buyers near and far, while on Craig’s List you will only be able to sell to those buyers who are local. On both sites you will be able to sell almost anything you desire, with collectibles, electronics and books being popular items.

When considering writing online for money you should be aware that there dozens of websites that are looking for articles to purchase.
These sites do not require that you be the best writer, only that you use proper grammar and spelling in the articles that you produce. Most sites will require registration as well as a writing sample. There will be a varying amount of work available as well as specific deadlines for the completion of work. Payment will vary per piece, but you can expect to generate $2 to $10 per article.The method of job assignments vary with each site.

While some sites will assign the articles that are to be written, others will post the assignments for the writers to pick and choose from. Some sites will also allow the writers to post their articles for sale on their site. Whatever your style of writing, it is best to check out the many different sites available to find the method that works best for you.

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