Engaging Your Kids in Your Online Job

Maintaining an online job and a family can be tough, especially if you already work a full time job outside of the home. To minimize disgruntled feelings at your extended work hours, you might consider engaging your children in your new job,l allowing them to help and feel a part of the action. The following ideas are just a few ways that you can get your family involved in your new business and reduce the risk of hurt feelings that your work day is a bit longer.

First, teach your children phone etiquette and allow them to answer your calls. This can he,p your children to feel they have an important responsibility and give you time to do other work-related activities. Providing children with a job such as answering the phone for work calls can greatly cut down on frustration that kids feel at being left out and overlooked in light of a new job. The sense of importance that a child will feel when they can help out will increase self esteem and interest in your new venture.

Second, tap into what kids are best known for: their creativity. If you are working on ads, wording for a website, or even trying to pick out pictures to spruce up your web page, call your kids in as design consultants. You will benefit from a child’s fresh perspective and creativity, while they enjoy being the “expert” for a change.

Third, let your kids provide you with motivation. Be honest on bad days, when you just don’t feel like you have the energy to go on. Kids are remarkable resilient and driven, and can help you to resume your level of enthusiasm and energy quickly.

Kids can be a vital part of any business with just a little time and training. The investment you make into grooming your child to help is nothing compared to the payout you will receive when your kids are enjoying helping you in your online job.

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