Faith is the Number One Thing You Need

‘Faith’ is one of those words that can mean a few different things to people depending on their perspective. Sometimes we can’t really define it. However the idea is the same. You have a positive attitude usually and believe that what you do will be successful. This would be a generic ‘faith’ in yourself, the world or your circumstances.

Have Faith

Or ‘faith’ can have ‘religious’ overtones in that the object of your faith is God. You believe that He will take care of things for you especially if you pray. This is very deep in that you know something causes the sun to come up every day and for things to run right in the cosmos whether you pray or not.

However, He is sovereign and will decide which prayers to answer or not. He doesn’t always say ‘yes’ but He always listens and depending on the person’s life’s lessons and situation this may influence God’s decision. Some people need different lessons according to their level of enlightenment.

Then there is pseudo-religion where some mystical being or the ‘higher’ power is going to take care of whatever you need (you hope). Not much to say except this can be called ‘magical thinking’. There is a chance that through various rituals, etc. that you can convince yourself that whatever you want or need is what the universe will give you. It may be true – or not.

No matter what you are trying to do – and in this context let’s refer to stepping out on a limb to start a new home business or to rescue one that has been neglected. You have realized in the past that when you want to accomplish something you usually can. This can be called faith in yourself. The truth be known, no matter what other things you may believe you need to believe in yourself and your abilities.

Do you feel a bit of a deficit in the faith department right now? Even if you just really want to try to understand not only WHAT faith is but HOW to develop and own it, it would be worth it to go to a search engine and try to find some basic information.

You can’t do anything unless you have at least the self-confidence and self-esteem to BELIEVE you can do it!

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