Free Traffic for Your Online Business

The best way to drive free traffic to your website is by using Search Engine Optimization (SEO). How ironic that the best kind of traffic would also be free.


Free Traffic for Your Online Business

Targeted traffic is best because it is linked to people who are looking for what you have to offer. Keywords researched and used in your content is what will make this exchange a ‘marriage made in heaven’. ‘Keywords’ or keyword phrases define what your business or site is all about.

Search Engine robots crawl websites regularly, usually every 30-days unless there is activity (fresh content). If they encounter a site that has no recent activity, (nothing fresh (new), little or no traffic, etc.) then they move on and come back next time they are in the neighborhood. If they see that the site has fresh content they will re-index the site.

The index is their database of all the websites on the Internet. When your site is re-indexed, your link is promoted to a higher position in their search results. Ideally you need to strive to be as close to Page One as possible (this may be a long-term goal). If you have to work at it constantly, it is worth it. If you want to find success in Internet marketing you must be consistently building your momentum with everything you do to promote your business.

Posting once a month would be the minimum to be seen as being relevant. (much more frequently would have better results). With a plain website coded in HTML it is difficult to make significant changes even once a month to create ‘fresh’. That is why it is such a great idea to build a blog on your website. It is much easier to post an article to a blog than to be changing your code, adding pages, graphics, etc., to create fresh content.

Even if you have your blog on a separate website, you should link it to your main website. Very simple and again, free. You can do this by creating back-links in your content that refer back and forth. For example, on the website, refer to the blog (hyperlink); on the blog refer to the website (hyperlink).

Although this may suffice to a degree, it is a much better idea to have the site built on the WordPress platform so that your simple blog post is seen as a new page on your website. Since they are considered pages, you begin to be indexed not just for your home page but for each post (page) you add. This can be powerful.

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