Great Work From Home Ideas for the Technology Challenged

Many people thing of the internet and difficult software when they think of work at home business ideas, but that doesn’t have to be the case. For the technology challenged, there are many great business ideas that can increase your income without the cumbersome burden of programs you don’t really know how to operate. The following list of ideas are just a sample of the many home businesses available that don’t require an advanced degree in computers.

First, the age old standby, consider running a day care in your home. With the rising cost of childcare these days, and the increasing ratio of children to caregivers, you have a real opportunity to provide first rate care while increasing your own income. Seldom do sitters make less than a hundred dollars a week for watching a child, and many make upwards of two hundred dollars per child. Multiply that by three or four, and you have a nice weekly income.

Second, network marketing is a great way to increase your income with limited or no technology necessary. Phone calls and in person cold calls are the chief means by which these sales are made, and the money is often residual.

Third, party networking or direct sales through parties is a great standby for those who like to play hostess but don’t like to play on computers. Make-up, household products, and fitness merchandise are all leading products that people by through parties and direct sales opportunities. Consider those products you use, and you will likely find opportunities to sell the very things you use in your own home.

Technology is great, but it isn’t necessary to earning a second income. Consider business ideas in these three areas, and you just might find a niche that you fit into without learning a bunch of difficult new skills.

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