Home Biz Start-Up: Don’t Bite Off More than You Can Chew

Especially if this is your first try at starting a home business, it is very important to take things slowly and in small increments. Yes we should be able to visualize the big picture in the future. However there are many steps and periods of time that will need to elapse before we get there.


small chunks

If you overwhelm yourself it will work against you. One of the more common situations for new business start-ups is ‘information overload’. It is not just that information is coming at you from every direction, but the fact that the terminology and concepts may be new. Don’t be ashamed to admit the human brain can only do so much at one time. That is why small ‘chunks’ works best.

It really helps if you are organized so that you can prioritize which information is most relevant to begin with and to be able to keep track of what is pending for tomorrow so that you do not lose any continuity.

If organization is a new idea for you, it can be as simple as making folders in your email account. Click-Click, Name it, and drag your document into it. Now you know where it is and when you are ready you can find it. It might be good to name this first folder ‘Pending’ as it is stuff you haven’t read yet.

As well once you have completed something you can put it in a new folder – just basic ‘completed’ or if you want to get sophisticated the folder can even have a company’s name, or some other designation that makes it easy for you to find. Whatever works for you in the simplest way, being at least somewhat organized is really essential to running a business.

It is the same idea with finances. It makes absolutely no sense to over-extend yourself — that is spend more than you have. Credit shouldn’t be counted in this equation. You should have an operating budget that is apart from living expenses, or any other source. Keep in mind since everything is a gamble, not to gamble with more than you can afford to lose.

Again, if you put this kind of pressure on yourself (spending more money than you can afford), you just add an element to your efforts to start a business that brings stress and fear. Neither one of these are particularly conducive to doing anything except maybe bankruptcy, getting sick or causing problems with your relationships.

So keep it real. Do everything you can but don’t try to do more than you can at any given time. Taking everything in small chunks is the best advice anybody could give someone who is trying to start a new business.

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