Home Biz Strategy: Light vs. Dark

Do you ever take stock of how much time you waste feeling discouraged? Have you not quite wrapped your head around the fact that it takes time to develop any business? There are folks, bless their hearts, that no matter how many times you explain this to them and even to outline the logical reasons for it, they will still be back whining within a few weeks.

keep the light on!

What really seems useless is they will write long emails vaguely describing all that they have done and why these things should supersede any other logic. It’s like here is a nice paragraph that could be a blog or other article or advertisement. However, instead they have obviously wasted time writing it because it serves no productive purpose and will absolutely not help the situation.

In fact there was a time when talking or writing about problems was considered therapeutic so if that is true then the whining diatribes are not totally a waste of time. However it seems much more logical that reliving every slight or magnifying whatever the problem is just makes it seem twice as bad. It happened and now you are describing it and making it come alive again.

Along with these thoughts comes all the reasons why one is becoming skeptical and why they just knew this was a scam. What a waste of time the darkness. It does nothing to help no matter how many times you repeat the mantras. It just makes things worse. You can really drown yourself and your business if you insist on spending your time there. Darkness is just exactly where you can’t see where you are going. In a sense you are lost.

On the other hand light overcomes the darkness – all you have to do is switch it on. Psychologically and spiritually it says there are possibilities. Even if you don’t know yet exactly what they are, you realize you should keep trying to figure it out. You should move on and don’t look back once you understand what you could have done differently.

Maybe some real far out abstract thought like ‘maybe I could try harder’ or ‘maybe I need to devote more effort to this’ or ‘maybe I need to go through the training again and make sure I am doing everything I can’ would shed some light – not only on your mood but on your reality.

Remember the Indian legend where the old man explains to his grandson about the battle going on inside of us that is a war between good and evil (in so many words). The grandson asks which one wins and the man says ‘the one you feed’. This is something very simple yet profound that we should remember from time to time to help us get out of a dark place.

So in our situation, if we are feeling discouraged because so far we have not had the expected results, we don’t feed that. Instead we feed the light and find out what we can do to make things turnaround for us. It may not be today or tomorrow but if we stay on the right track we will get where we want to go. Leave the light on!

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