Home Business Boot Camp-Everybody Had To Start At The Beginning

Don’t let anything stand in your way no matter what. You
will encounter obstacles in your thinking that are probably
harder to overcome than those in the physical realm like
time and money. If you are serious about starting a real
business that actually succeeds down the line, you need to
do plenty of ‘self-talk’ all along the way.

Starting out, you will need to keep assuring yourself that
‘you CAN do it’. Somehow you have to acquire the
discipline to make a serious commitment to yourself that you
WILL ‘just do it’. When you don’t see results right
away, you can’t allow yourself to become discouraged or
skeptical. Either one is the death-knell of motivation which
is one of the most important resources you have. Not to
mention if you allow yourself to become skeptical, you will
project that and people won’t trust you. If you don’t
believe in yourself and/or the process, then why should

When you encounter new concepts and terminology, don’t be
intimidated. Remember the little guy who said ‘there is no
can’t’. Well, it’s true, if you want to succeed, there
is no can’t. Being ‘new’ is never an excuse for why we
‘can’t’ do what is necessary. Being new is only the
reason you need to learn ‘the ropes’. Everybody who knows
anything had to learn how to do things and to realize
certain truths. Being ‘new’ is not terminal. Everybody
starts out in the beginning being new. We learn and we
grow, and the farther we evolve in our experience the
stronger and more ‘savvy’ we get.

Every day is another opportunity to learn something new.
Don’t go into denial when you hear a strange word or
acronym, or pretend you know what it means if you don’t.
Look it up. You are on the Internet. It is a vast sea of
information at your fingertips – and mostly free! Start
taking notes as you go along and don’t leave a blank space
in your mind that represents a word you didn’t understand,
because it is likely you won’t follow the entire concept if
you lose ‘the train of thought’ at any point. Starting a
home business online does not have to be any more technical
than you want it to be, but you really should understand the

Start a list of things that are new to you. Look them up
and write down what they mean. Go to a search engine like
google.com and just type the word – You will get lots of
links with different levels of definition. For in depth
descriptions, you can go to Wikipedia.com – an online
encyclopedia. Start a little collection of terms that you
can refer to unless you have a ‘photographic’ memory and
won’t forget anything.

For example, the acronym ‘FTP’ – it means file transfer
protocol, and it is used to move (‘upload’) groups of
files quickly from your PC to your host. A ‘host’? What
is that? Host – a host server – where files and other
applications ‘live’ that comprise a website. If you love
details you can really build on this ‘database’ (index)
you are creating for yourself. In this example you could
search for ‘host’ and come up with several advertisements
for hosting companies – Just read through a couple to see
what is involved in ‘hosting’. If you are planning to get
one someday, jot down comparisons – what are the costs, what
are the options that come with the ‘hosting account’?

Oh, and don’t get lost in all the information – you have no
doubt heard ‘information is power’ – it’s true, but only
if you do something with it – take action with what you
learn. Don’t use learning as an excuse not to take action.
Don’t feel like you don’t know enough (yet). Do what you
can. Do it as well as you can. You will improve after you
get some experience and learn some skills. Every day you
will know more. You will see you are building yourself up at
the same time you are building your business.

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