Home Business – Don’t Paint Everything with the Same Brush

Painting everything with the same brush amounts to passing judgement on everything without qualification, because at some point one or more things proved to be unacceptable. The things that might cause you to paint everything with the same brush are fear and laziness as the two most negative reasons.

keep an open mind

It is normal to have a certain amount of fear when starting out in uncharted territory. ‘Fear of the unknown’ is common and when there is cause (past experience, reputation, etc.) it probably is a good idea to listen to your fear to a certain degree.

The problem is when it becomes a blanket judgement where you just assume Plan C is not right purely because Plan A or B left a lot to be desired. This is not necessarily true as Plan C may stand head and shoulders above the rest. You will never know that though unless you give it a chance after doing some research in which you don’t see many red flags.

It’s pretty complex actually in that while you want to see any negative reviews before you take action, you do not want to assume every negative review is necessarily completely true. People are very different and as such have very different expectations. This is why it is a good idea to see a variety of comments about any program, service or product before you make a decision either way.

The point however is don’t just close your mind after one or more negative experiences and hide your head in the sand. Keep your mind open and continue to give new things a fair chance so that you and your business continue to grow.

Remember everything is pretty much a gamble and sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. That is really what is called ‘the cost of doing business’ and it is a risk we sometimes have to take.

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