Home Business — Rolling with the Changes

Things are changing all the time. It is almost like ‘I will pencil you in’ really always has significant meaning. Erasing ink is not as easy as pencil. Hence use a pencil since you will probably need to erase it. The thing is that we can’t let it throw us for a loop every time.


Some things are more important and require more advance planning, etc. and so they seem more serious when they suddenly change. There may be a good reason to be a little upset about it. However if we elaborate on that it will just make it worse. Just move on – accept the change, make the changes to your plans, and set up new plans.

Time is one element that may be limited by other factors including other people’s ability to cooperate. Money is another one that is big because it may or may not be available in time. So we just have to do the best we can because we have to ‘roll with the punches’. Think of how gnarly this could get if you refused to change and had a tantrum (before you realize there is really no choice)!

If someone that you are ‘following’ direction from does a 180 on you, you can see this as a fun adventure or get ticked off about the change in plans. They may or may not be any warning. It could be something where the leader encourages or advises you to purchase something. Since things can change for anyone, he shortly finds out he made a mistake in judgment (he is human, right?).

It may cause you a bit of inconvenience to change your plans in this case including getting a refund and suffering through all the red tape with that. That’s the way it goes. You usually have solid parameters – ‘guaranteed refund for 7-days’ or whatever; you need to act now so you don’t lose your money and then you would really have even more of a reason to be upset.

So you have to decide whether you want to be flexible or not. Keeping an open-mind and always allowing for changes is the smart thing for any business person to do. Then again you can go your own way. Maybe that would work after you have some actual experience in running your home business. For the beginning it would be best to go along with the program whichever way it goes.

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