Home Business Start-Up – It’s always Important to See the ‘Big Picture’

There is a saying, ‘any port in a storm’. Think about it.
Isn’t that true? Think of your business in that way – and
make the ‘big picture’ be that you survive by doing
something, maybe lots of little things along the way. You
do what you need to do to get by until you find your

Remember you just need to get by when your home business is
in development and you are living your dream to do something
more than you have been doing so far or maybe just started
lately. Many people have jobs that are barely tolerable
because they feel that they have no other choice. Often
they really are not happy, particularly in the current
economic condition of the ‘middle class’ or ‘working
stiffs’– the vast majority of people.

Big picture is You will build it up and make it something
that you want and even better that you can have. In the
meantime you will be planning and learning and changing as
you GROW along. Most will also be working ‘day jobs’
unless they have some substantial savings to carry them in
their new business’ infancy.

So many give up way too soon because they don’t realize
what is involved and may expect instant results and/or to
succeed without much effort. Maybe it is because of this
that they don’t really plan wisely and therefore never
progress even to the basics of building a foundation for
their business. They find an excuse to fail. No time, no
money they say, when actually what it is more than anything
else is a lack of interest in working.

So for awhile we have to work harder so that we can
eventually then work smarter, which would likely be doing
more while working less and of course making more money at
the same time. Naturally MONEY is an element that concerns
everyone, and particularly one who is trying to start a
business. It is just not like a job where you get paid for
your time necessarily at first – or as with a job, where you
are usually paid even while learning!

But you want more than just working at a job! It really
would help if someone enjoyed working and thought of it like
any other decent art form, hobby or avocation. It is a
“MEANS to an end”, and a ‘necessary evil’. It counts
that we want to enjoy what we are doing even while we try to
survive – because if we are working for ourselves it is a
lot more natural or easy.

While we want what we want we are not willing to pay a huge
price with our lives. Working takes up so much of
everyone’s time. Might as well like it! Or at least not
let the stress cut our lives short! There are many
sacrifices to have your own business unless you are in the
minority of people who have ‘extra’ money to use for their
business. (Yet some of the former don’t hesitate to go on
expensive vacations, and have wonderful entertainment) –
nothing wrong with that, but maybe we have to sacrifice
something if starting our own home business to make it our
first priority.

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