How to Avoid Work-From-Home Scams

One of the biggest things about trying to find a real work-from-home job or business opportunity that turns a lot of people away is the prevalence of many different scams.


How to Avoid Work at Home Scams

Here are some ways to tell whether an opportunity is real, or if it’s too good to be true:

    • No Legitimate Contact Information – If the business opportunity is real, they will have a real business website with a real business email address at the minimum, not a Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail address. You should easily be able to look up the people and the name of the business to find out more information. Ideally, the business will also provide a physical address and telephone number that you can verify.

    • Promises of Riches Overnight – Any plan that claims you’ll become rich overnight is a scam. It’s just not going to happen. Working from home at a job, or running your own business, requires patience, skill development and plenty of work to make money. The idea that you can setup a website or join a business opportunity, do nothing and get paid is simply false.

    • Upfront Investments (Beware) – Many legitimate MLMs (Multi-Level Marketing) companies and affiliate programs do ask for money up front, which is a business investment. Even if you do not like MLMs, some of them are legitimate companies that offer a great opportunity. However, some jobs or opportunities only want your money. You should have plenty of time to do research before opening up your wallet and pulling out your credit card. Never pay for a job, although an investment in a business opportunity is considered normal.

    • You Feel Pressured to Act Now – If you’ve been contacted by someone making a lot of promises to you about making tons of money and insisting that you must act right now or you’ll lose out forever, your red flags should go up. It’s true that there are time-sensitive offers and opportunities, but just keep in mind that a real business opportunity is going to be there tomorrow and for many years to come. Make decisions based on the long-term expectations you have for the company you are working with and an honest self-evaluation of your own commitment to work hard and do what it takes to succeed.

    • Western Union and Money Orders – Sorry call out a legitimate company like this, but it’s often true; if you need to use Western Union to send money to anyone for joining a business, be very skeptical!

    • It Sounds Too Good to Be True – Trust yourself first. You know it in your gut that it’s just too good to be true, but you are tempted. Stop. Take some time to research the company and not just the people and places they give you to research. Do your due diligence and walk away if you can’t prove they’re legitimate.

    • Random Email Job Offers for Opportunities You’ve Never Heard Of – This happens sometimes when you apply for or fill out an application for different job opportunities online. Your contact details may be shared or sold as someone who is interested in a work-at-home job or online business, and you could receive unsolicited job and business opportunity offers by email. If you didn’t request information about a particularly company or opportunity directly, delete the email and make sure you unsubscribe if there is a link available in the mail to do so.

    • Outlandish Pay for Low Wage Positions – This is a common sign of a scam. You’ll see the advertisement on a seemingly legitimate website that promises a lot of money for many different positions that normally don’t pay that kind of money. Be realistic. You won’t make $45 dollars an hour as a receptionist.

Above all, trust yourself and be diligent in your research. Have confidence knowing there truly are many very good online home business opportunities and jobs you can do from home which will allow you to earn a reliable income. While skepticism is healthy and encouraged, you must also remain optimistic and determined to find the right income opportunity for you. It exists and I trust that you will discover it soon. 🙂

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