How to Drive Traffic to your Internet Business

You always read how it is all about your list. ‘The money is in the list”, etc. While that is true, traffic is equally important because more than likely unless you are buying leads (bad idea) to build your list, the way you will build your list is from the traffic you are able to generate.

traffic is key!

It’s all a process – you have to drive the traffic to the site where you have some mechanism to capture the lead for your list. The usual way is with an opt-in form where people are invited to subscribe to a newsletter. You may also see strategies to give you something for free in exchange for your email address or if you subscribe to the newsletter. Again though all dependent on them being there.

Besides this you should also employ the use of a ‘squeeze page,’ which Is a web page that does nothing other than invite them to subscribe to your newsletter (and be on your list). It provides little more than the invite plus a box to input the email address and name. You can promote this on its’ own in various ways. Idea is they don’t get lost on your website and ‘forget’ to opt-in to your list, because they are directed to respond only.

Further, traffic is more relevant than a list because the purpose of everything is a direct sale. The only reason to build a list is because it is prospective customers. The object is still a sale. The list isn’t worth a dime unless the names on it have a pulse and take action at some point to represent income for you.

Traffic is the most essential element in having a successful Internet based business. So the number one priority after ensuring that you have a great product to sell and a friendly, ‘well lit’ website, should be generating traffic to convert sales and build your list.

There are many ways you can go, depending on whether you are going free or can pay for some help. You should always plan on doing as many things as you possibly can and doing them consistently to keep building momentum. For example you can always afford free whether you are new, down on your luck or whatever. As long as you are willing to work at keyword research and blogging (writing) you can start generating traffic for free and if you keep it up the traffic will keep on.

Use your blog on a regular basis to post content with relevant keywords or keyword phrases to your website’s content. You could write your own content or you could hire someone to do it for you. Search engines look for certain keywords that are either already in their index or that they will add, based in part on how many people search using those words. Having the right keyword and keyword phrase is a high requirement in ranking high in search engine results (being on the first few pages).

In addition, if you come by a little money a good idea at least periodically is to use programs like Google Adwords advertising. It is a bit expensive but if you really pay attention and use caution with your budget, you should be able to buy a little traffic this way. Related to this and maybe a way to pick up a little change in so doing, is to use the twin to Adwords, Adsense.

Successful search engine advertising methods have reaped great rewards (traffic & sales) for many companies. Lots of businesses use these advertising. Every penny is worth it with using Google and other search engine advertising. If you’ve got it ($) flaunt it!

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