How To Have Overnight Success In Your Online Enterprise Today

Unless you are currently the celebrity of cause and the worlds media has picked up a hot story of you about your business then it is going to be very hard if not impossible to be an overnight success. It will be very hard to even have  long-term success without a well-thought business plan that has excellent execution and 100% committed to following up on every contact. It is also going to depend on your business structure and the product or service that you will be providing.


But that said if you have a red-hot product or digital service that people are screaming for then you have a shot. To go from obscurity to overnight success can be done, it has been done, and it was done recently by an Australian in the UK in an extraordinary manner where he managed to launch and sell 50,000 pairs of underwear in his first three days of business trading. Today that business turns over 15 million dollars per year. It can happen.

Below are some suggestions that if used may also help you to launch your next big thing and reset the world on fire again.

1) Find your unique selling point
2) Leverage that into social media via every channel available
3) Get Gorilla with your marketing creativity
4) Continue to fan every social media
5) Write and publish a range of media releases on every media release platform that you can (yes, you or a friend can write a great statement, and yes there is an extensive range of free services to distribute these through. If your unique selling points and release creatives are good enough, mainstream press may pick up your story for much more full audience release)
6) Call every radio station within your region and talk yourself into some air time. This won’t happen in peak markets but late night may put you on the air in smaller markets)
7) Have a call to action on everything you do targeted to the one target destination

These are just a few of the more basic things that an internet and social media savvy person can achieve with a few hours work. You then need to see which marketing tactic is working best through channel monitoring then rinse and repeat on those tactics that are gaining you traction.

Keep drilling down and distilling what people are more receptive to in your message and your unique selling points. Build on this where you can. Maybe it’s creating a new meme for distribution, or an emoji that syncs with your product or service.

The skies are the limit when using your creativity. And you will need to be creative if you think about all of the marketing messages, promotions and look at me type promotions that are going on 24 hours a day. You need to break through that veneer with something new, fresh and surprising enough to firstly gauge interest and secondly gain a response to your call to action message.

Remember, it has been done before and it will be done again and today is your opportunity to shine.

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