How to Keep Your Subscribers Engaged Over Time

As an experiment, subscribe to several different e-mail marketing opt-in lists to find out which ones are effective. Many online businesses send promotional materials to subscribers in an effort to generate more traffic and sales. They may send newsletters, catalogs, bulletins or updates and many more promotional materials to their visitors. Obviously some formats have different sequences, such as daily, weekly or monthly updates.

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The idea is that something in the sent promotional material will interest them and they will go to the website to learn more or ideally to make a purchase. Even to hold something in ‘pending’ for future reference has value to the business. Particularly since there are numerous websites that offer the same products or services it is good to have something that makes your business stand out from the pack. Keeping the subscribers interested is one way to beat the competition.

Try to find out which opt-in marketing strategies grabbed your attention – and compelled you to actually be interested in what was being said. You will find a full spectrum in the various formats, from brief and simple all the way to elaborate with colorful graphics and video links. Probably to keep it interesting a variety of strategies could be employed. You may find that you are looking forward to the next mailing because you are learning something, or you want to know more about the product before actually taking action to buy it.

Creativity is the key here. While e-mail marketing is for the purpose of promoting your business, just sending blatant ads, especially the same ones repeatedly will have a very short ‘shelf-life’. They will lose their effectiveness. Always keep the old saying ‘it is not what you say but how you say it’ in mind. If you think about it you will see the difference between adding value and just pushing.

Remember keeping your list engaged is just as much about building a relationship as it is selling. Some of the real masters at this will be friendly in their introduction and then spin a tale as in a natural conversation. Part of this can be to provide factual information, ask questions, pose situations, and then to present solutions or answers. The ‘advertising’ is discreet and seems to have some association to the message you are sending.

Try to always create your promotional materials to be entertaining. Try to stay professional, yet not stuffy, where you are talking over them rather than to them. A warm friendly message is always more welcome than a serious business proposal. While you do want your customers to take you and your business seriously, you always want to keep it light and friendly.

Graphics are very effective in adding emphasis. Some have a definite purpose which is to show the product itself, and some are just for adding a little drama or excitement to the design. You don’t want to overdo this. Especially with a video give an introduction and entice them in to watching it at the end of your message.

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