How to Run a Twitter Poll

Twitter polls are an excellent way to ask for help, get feedback from your followers and further develop your online relationships, and business prospects.


How to Run a Twitter Poll

And they’re super easy to run, as well. Here’s how:

Announce that you’ll be taking a poll or asking a series of poll questions.

Use a descriptive #hashtag after each of your poll questions to thread them together.

Ask questions that are relevant to your tweeting history. For example, if your Twitter profile is all about online marketing, then stick to that rather than asking what they think of politics or global climate change.

Make it fun. Polls don’t always need to be serious. For example, if your niche is marketing, you might ask how they would market square chicken eggs or what is the worst example of marketing they’ve witnessed in the past week.

Thank your participants, ask for clarification if necessary, and let them know what you’ll be doing with their feedback (Creating a new product? Changing your marketing strategy? Writing a new blog post?, etc.)

If you’re writing a blog post based on the results you receive, consider thanking the participants by name in your post. If there are too many to thank, at least create a Twitter list just for this particular poll and then link to the poll from your blog post.

If you’re finding it difficult to interact with your fellow Twitterites, you’ll definitely want to use a few polls to get things jump started. I’ve seen a poll on whether or not people prefer creamy to chunky peanut butter generate huge interest in just minutes. It’s all about engaging people and valuing their opinion – even on something as silly as smooth or lumpy.

Have fun with it, and go out there and learn some more about your Twitter followers! You may just uncover a hidden need that you can develop a product around, or way to improve your growing online business.

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