How to Start a Meme on the Internet

What’s super fast to create, gets shared in social media like gangbusters, and can bring you lots of new traffic?

Memes, of course.


How to Start a Meme on the Internet

Are you creating any? If not, maybe it’s time you started.

Use a meme generator, find something clever to say, and link an appropriate page of your website to your meme.

Then start sharing!

People are always looking for FREE ways to generate traffic and interest to their website… Creating and sharing memes (if you’ve got a knack for it), can become the free and effective marketing strategy you’ve been looking for.

And it’s a great way to exercise your creative abilities… Better to create a viral meme than watch TV, I’d say. Especially if you can turn it into a passive traffic generator for your site.

I don’t just talk a good game… I play one too. 😉 Here’s a meme created just for you:

The moment you realized your salary doesn't include residual income.

If it’s residual income you need, the opportunities here on my website are just what the Dr. ordered. Most JOBS leave you Just Over Broke… You don’t want to end up like this:

JOB = Just Over Broke

Ok, enough with the memes… Let’s get serious. Or not… Just have fun, get creative, create new memes, spread them on social media and watch your traffic and profits soar!

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