How to Use Viral Marketing

We must always cultivate any creative instincts we may have. It could be just that little idea you have that could set you apart from the pack. The bottom line is that It doesn’t matter if you have a superior product or a fabulous website. Unless people know that your website or company exists, you are not going to get the traffic you need to start converting sales.

you catch it!

There are many techniques and schemes being used with varying levels of success, there are still some concepts that can actually help you with an extra boost in traffic that will make a real difference. One of these is Viral Marketing.

The term ‘Viral’ usually depicts a virus, which has a few negative connotations. These range from an infectious illness in humans to contagious computer malware programs. However there is another more positive meaning you need to consider. In the same sense but for the good, Viral Marketing ‘spreads’ itself around quickly and many people catch it. Only it is not harmful.

In today’s environment social networks surely seem to be the epitome of what it means to go ‘viral’. Viral marketing can also employ for example certain media like videos or flash player ‘movies’, reports, eBooks, or just about any online medium. It can involve anything that creates’ buzz’ – a funny story, a cleverly done video, an amazing picture.

Many companies will offer incentives to help ‘spread the news’, for example, discounts and rebates. Joint Ventures may also work nicely with this concept as you are able to for example ‘share’ your list in exchange for someone else sharing theirs. You offer to get the word out on their opportunity and they do the same for you.

The foremost advantage of viral marketing is that you get a lot of publicity quickly. Surely you have noticed how things when they are new and exciting are deemed ‘hot’. After a while, however, then they just become ‘normal’ and kind of fizzle out. So this viral marketing concept is a true place where the saying ‘strike while the iron is hot’ really applies. You get massive traffic that may represent sales now or in the near future. At the very least you have gained exposure which also counts in the big picture.

In the Internet culture today just about anything can create viral energy. It can be either positive or negative. If used in the right way to promote a new business or new product it can have unbelievable results that nobody ever dreamed of before. If whatever you have catches on, you probably have a ticket to the top!

Howard Whittington

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