How to Work From Home and Make Money Writing

You don’t have to have a degree from a prestigious journalism school or be a published writer to make good money writing and work at home.

Anyone who can write a good e-mail probably has the skills to earn cash. Grammar and spelling do count, so you may have to hone up on those skills. But for the most part, if you can write, you can make money online.

There are plenty of freelance writing jobs out there, including sites that list for free tons of jobs each week. You have to apply to these positions just as you would any other job, and will likely have to either submit an example of your writing or take some sort of writing test.

Other sites allow you to write whatever you want and get paid on a per-click basis. In other words, if you write a wonderful article about something topical and thousands of people read your article, you’ll get a nice bit of money. You can spread the word about your article via social networking and hope it goes viral.Still other sites allow you to bid on jobs. Many businesses need text written for websites or e-mails, or articles about specific topics. They’ll put their requirements online and people then bid on a per job or per article basis.

You shouldn’t ever pay anyone to give you a list of jobs; there are plenty of good sites that give you that information for free. And there are no “secret” job listings that you can only find on a specific site. You can even find such writing jobs on online classifieds sites.Some of these jobs pay very poorly, however, and how much money you can make often depends upon how quickly you can write, not necessarily how well. If you write fast, you can potentially earn a good hourly wage.

If you’ve never considered writing and making money, you’ll be surprised how many opportunities are out there that will allow you to make money from home.

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