Ideas for a Home Business

Although not all businesses have to be related to computers
and/or the Internet, it is highly recommended to pursue the
Internet as the way and the means by which you market and
advertise any home business. You will find that everything
is less expensive, much faster and easier and more effective
in that you can reach so many more people.

For example just a guy that made videos of his dog
misbehaving has gotten over 25 million hits! Too bad he is
not selling anything. He should think of something with a
response like that. Some things that come to mind that would
work well with a site dedicated to those videos could range
from pure kitsch, like a framed portrait of the dog which
could be sold as tee shirts or refrigerator magnets, to
something substantial like treats for pets and pet
accessories (pet beds, leashes, training books, or toys).
This would be called ‘monetizing’ the site. It is likely
animal lovers or people who have pets would be interested in
the video and would be the best target market for pet
products. It’s a natural!

So that is just one example of taking almost nothing and
making a business around it. Other examples can be
something like a recipe for which you receive compliments
and maybe even is something passed down in your family for
generations that people always love. You could make
something like cookies, candies or cakes and package them up
and sell them. For example gift baskets for the various
holidays that include a dozen cookies, a decorative mug and
some little packs of coffee, tea or cocoa. This of course
involves shipping and packaging that will allow everything
to arrive in one piece. You could create an expensive or
even free site (blog) to advertise your gift baskets. If
you have a digital camera you just need some good pictures
of the baskets and the ingredients.

You would need to factor in all your costs for materials and
shipping (and of course a profit) and create order forms.
The cheapest (free) way to accept payments would be to get a
free button for your site – that way you can
accept credit cards through Paypal without having to incur
all the costs of having a payment gateway, (“cart”) etc.
(all the credit card companies charge a monthly fee even if
you have no sales).

So you could apply this type of ‘theory’ to almost
anything you can think of – arts and crafts – for example
soap and candles, or other crafts like jewelry or decorative
gifts – anything you enjoy doing or even what interests you
like your hobbies – sports, etc. – you can build around
anything and they actually say that you do best with what
you like to do so why not make some money while you are it?

If this is all more involved than you had anticipated, you
might also consider just selling the recipe! This would go
nicely with a blog where you do share some recipes for free
and/or discuss various baking techniques and ingredients
(just keep the prize ones to make money. Again, how you
might monetize a blog about baking might be to get a line of
bake ware – pans, mixers, etc. In this case you might want
to get a free store from so that you could list
their products and they would handle the payments for you
and pay you a commission.

Whatever you decide to do, just create a plan, do some
research and then cook something up!

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