IM Strategy: The Difference Between ‘Selling’ (Convincing) and Promoting

Let’s picture this: You are out in public – just moving
around and observing. You do not really know what you are
looking for sometimes – or whether you are even looking for
anything per se (maybe ‘window shopping’). You are just
being ‘there’. Someone (or something) pops up and rudely
shoves a flyer in your face, pushing their agenda; they
force you, whether you like or not to see or listen to their
sales pitch. Unpleasant. In the mood to buy? or to ‘join’?
Run for cover is most logical. Resistance is the usual
reaction to Convincing behavior.

This can also happen when you pick up your own phone and a
person or machine starts shouting a long diatribe about
something or other, (who listens) — and they go on
maniacally reading a script — until you literally have to
shout to make them stop after they ignore all your polite,
‘no thank you’s’. Are you in the mood to buy in this
atmosphere? Much more likely to slam the phone down and feel
perfectly justified.

This is why Internet Marketing is so different from other
more intrusive mediums for marketing and sales. It is akin
by Sales, but on a very different avenue — (referring to
telemarketing (phones); network marketing (more phones and
too much to do – conferences, meetings, blah blah)
definitely for people who want to work with people

of course it is still all about networks on the Internet,
but the association is more electronic and virtual—
however there are still personal relationships. Although it
is less personal than talking on the phone or meeting
prospects, etc in person (like in retail sales). Of late
there has been social networking added to the mix, which is
like the new frontier that has always been there (the public
at large).

The reason Internet Marketing has some class as sales
organizations go is because it is ‘Ethical, and PERMISSION
based. We get to ‘opt-in’ (or out); We can control the
conversation if we want to ‘unsubscribe’. We can install
‘pop-up blockers’. So we are free and we have a choice. We
are not held hostage by pushy sales people.

This relates to the difference between selling and
promoting. The strategies with Internet Marketing have
always been to build trust and relationship, and give away
information for free. Then if the person wants to know
more, they come to you because they trust you and (it is
said that) they may even ‘subliminally feel they owe you
the business if they decide to take action, because you have
given them something of value – information, etc and are
building a relationship of trust – you responded, you did
what you promised).

Yes – when you are a winner they ask you what you’ve got.
They want to know more or know they want to get it from you.
It is not you pushing it to where you can cause resistence
rather than a sale because you have put somebody on a spot
to say yes or no right now. It’s not ‘now or never’ – If
you insist it has to be right now, then it may be never. If
you act natural that is more like networking. Get on the
radar and stay on it. See what develops.

If you think about it, it is a whole lot more conducive to a
successful transaction for all parties when you are in this
position; so far superior to running after people forcing
them into a corner to convince them that they need what you
have. This does not mean we do not need to be aggressive –
nothing spells ‘nothing’ more than ‘passive’ marketing –
no matter which marketing medium you employ. While ‘passive
income’ rocks, it still needs to be PROMOTED to get the
momentum rolling and to keep your ‘well-oiled machine’
running smoothly, as you sustain your level of action
consistently. Then as you grow, periodically try to
accelerate your level of activity until then that becomes
the norm.

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