Internet Entrepreneur: Stay Flexible

Another way to express the opposite of ‘flexible’ (inflexible) is STUCK. Stuck means immovable. One of the most important things in life is to keep an open mind. One very true statement is that ‘there is nothing constant except change’. That is why it is imperative to keep an open mind and to be flexible.

open mind!

If you are open, you can change. You can learn. You can grow. As far as your home business is concerned this is relevant because you will likely need to be flexible about many things up to and including the foundation of WHAT you do as well as HOW you do it. That is because you will want to evolve. For example if there is new technology, new strategies or new opportunities.

Although being tenacious has its brownie points, there is no logical reason to stick with something that is not working. You need to be cognizant all the time of what is and what isn’t working. Naturally you have to give things a chance – plenty of time and effort to see what will happen. However, if you have done so and do not see any progress then don’t be afraid to let something go. There are no sacred cows in business.

It is normal of course if you have invested considerable time and money into something to be reluctant to just toss it. However, there is a lot to be said for not ‘throwing good money after bad’. Sometimes you just have to write things off to experience and move on. Then again, it is possible to shuffle things around and perhaps put something on the back-burner to let a new idea have the forefront for a while.

The point is not to get stuck in ideas or anything else that may hamper your ability to progress. The bottom line is always profit and no matter if you have to accept that you have made a mistake, or that something just doesn’t work as well as was promised or expected the point is keep pushing forward.

If you are well-informed and fully engaged in your business, you should make it a point to use the most powerful and innovative methods you can find. This is not to say ‘trendy’ and you may want to research the actual results that are being manifested before you make a radical change.

You should make it a point to browse the sites that discuss the technology and techniques in your industry. Always try to stay on the ‘cutting edge’ and remember, ‘information is power’ only if you use it.

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