Internet Marketing and Its Benefits

Internet marketing refers to online marketing where the internet is used to deliver a promotional marketing message to  potential customers. It entails the use of email marketing, social media marketing , search engine marketing (SEM) , display advertising- including web banner advertising and mobile media advertising to reach to  potential customers.
Online advertising makes use of pictures where images of products are displayed alongside the content.
In The U.S, internet advertising revenue surpassed those from the cable television and almost exceeded those from broadcast television.

Benefits of Internet Marketing

The reason why internet marketing is succeeding is that it is easier for one to align it to the consumers’ decisions. Many consumers use social media and the mobile internet in doing research about the price of products. This helps them to make an informed buying decision based on the result of their research. It enables the marketer to build a relation with the prospects by easily communicating to them on the internet.


It is possible for one to sell his products on a 24hour basis without worrying about opening and closing hours. Also, one does not have to worry about the overtime payments to be made to the staff. Similarly, it is highly convenient to the customers since it allows them to place orders at any time.

Wider Reach

Internet marketing overcomes the barriers of distance. One can be able to sell the products anywhere across the globe without opening deports and warehouses. One can also export his products to any country without setting up physical stores in those countries.


The cost of advertising your products on the internet is lower than marketing the same products using other advertising channels. If you are reselling products, you don’t have to stock the products in stores. All you have to do is to order your stock in line with the demand.

Internet marketing allows one to personalize his offers to the clients. He is able to build a profile of how they make purchase and better his services. Similarly, one is able to track the web pages especially monitoring the visits made by potential clients and and make offers that can lure them into buying the products. This can help one increase the volume of sales in a short period of time.

Creating relationships

Internet marketing provides a crucial platform that enables one to easily build a relationship with his customers. It increases customer retention especially where one makes a follow-up by sending emails to confirm that the transaction was successfully executed. One can also invite the customer to make a review on the website to help him improve on the product and build a sense of community.


Internet marketing enables one to take advantage of the social media and increase his sales revenue. According to the recent finding, the influence of the social network has led to an increase in sales especially for business that have incorporated social networking tool in their internet marketing campaigns.

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