Internet Marketing – Be the Coach-Friend-Support You Wish You Had

First we need to realize that we are ultimately the one who
is responsible if we ‘make it or break it’. Either way we
could use some help along the way and will definitely have
an opportunity to ‘give something back’ if we stick with
it long enough to actually develop a successful business

In the Home Business/Internet Marketing industry we are
blessed with the theory that ‘you must give to receive’.
People know that, and as they say, ‘we succeed only if you
succeed’. It’s just a matter of professional courtesy to
be helpful, supportive and affirming, because ‘what goes
around comes around’. This is very different from the
‘dog-eat-dog’ competition tactics people may think of as
doing ‘business’.

That’s why Network Marketing and Internet Marketing go
hand-in-hand. It’s about knowing and being known and
trusted; …and one way to get known is to share information
and value with others. It helps, if this is a ‘foreign’
concept, to see our ‘competitors’ as our ‘peers’, rather
than in some sort of contest. What you tell them might help
them to win, and that does not mean you lose. It can be
what they call a ‘win/win’ situation, particularly when
you enjoy sharing and helping others.

The key here though is that we can’t feel entitled to
anything – giving and sharing is voluntary and to what
degree is up to each individual. Having the benefit of a
coach, does not mean ‘passing the buck’ and making your
coach responsible. You are responsible for your business and
what you need to learn to succeed with it. Coaches are there
to advise and instruct you but it is ultimately you, if you
are starting your own business, that will have to take
control and make decisions as to what you will do with the
information they have shared with you.

We also must realize that the coach or mentor needs to earn
a living just like we do. Always putting ourselves in
someone else’s place, if we are realistic we should know
that nobody can give us 100% of their time — at least for
long – they do have a life apart from trying to help us and
we shouldn’t begrudge them that. This is why a real
professional mentor or coach may charge hundreds of dollars
per hour for their time.

We really need to remember that those who do not charge at
least that much, deserve, at the very least our respect,
appreciation and consideration. To be real, it would only be
fair that you could help them back by doing business with
them, referring others to them, or anything else you can to
reciprocate for the kindness they have showed you. Maybe
that will be merely that someday you are able to share as
much with someone coming up behind you. When you have
received, you can often see the beauty of giving and you
will keep the cycle of good going.

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