Internet Marketing = Intelligent Advertising

There are lots of forms of advertising on and off the Internet. However there is none that is so genius as that which is #1 permanent and #2 free. This refers to several different online mediums. Starting with old school forums, article directories and blogs and including a little more modern videos and social nets. Any of the above can be used absolutely free and the advertisement/link will continue to be displayed there in perpetuity.

work smart

Now that is smart especially when you compare it directly to other advertising which has parameters like number of times displayed or period of time displayed for X number of dollars. When your minutes or exposures are gone along with your dollars you are at square one with no advertising. Especially if there was little or no response, you are feeling burned; but you don’t give up and you pay again or you find another resource and pay them too.

Not saying you should ever not use any technique that shows any promise if you can afford it. However many people can’t afford much in the way of advertising when they are first starting out. In fact the lack of money they may believe precludes them from even attempting to start a business, or at least from any very serious attempt. This is a shame because especially with regard to online advertising, ‘where there is a will there is a way’.

There are various schools of thought on whether you should try a lot of things or stick to a few tried and true things. Of course you would possibly have to try a few things before you found out which things work the best so maybe both situations can be true. The point is no matter how many things you try or for that matter how much money you have you should employ the permanent and free strategies. It just makes sense either way.

Of course you must take into consideration that the free, permanent things usually are more time consuming and labor intensive than that which you just order and pay for. If you have a choice (money) then that would be a reason you would want to go that way – to save time. Time is actually a finite resource like money – we only have so much. So again it seems logical to have a balance between free and paid, time consuming and automatic.

Just as having multiple streams of income is an ingenious idea that helps you cover all the bases, so is using multiple strategies to promote your business. … and it just makes the most sense to do as many things that are permanent as you possibly can.

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