Keeping to the Straight and Narrow

Doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, does it? However, when it comes to business it is the way to go for success. Of course having a home business is not as rigid as a 9 to 5 job. You will be surprised how much having your own time schedule not only gives you so much more time to do things, but allows you to have a different mindset where you may actually enjoy working!

sraight path

The point of the straight and narrow theory, however is not to ignore your business because you can. You still need to be engaged in your business and stay on top of things. For example at the very least you should check to see your website is up and running normally; and if not find out what is wrong and have it fixed as soon as possible. Usually you would just need to contact your hosting company and they would know what to do.

While it is true income is regarded as ‘passive’ in many online businesses, it doesn’t mean YOU can be passive. You actually need to be a little aggressive at times! Marketing and advertising are such that you can never rest on your laurels. You have to as often as possible be implementing new ads to attract new business.

You will find Internet advertising is very intelligent when compared to offline, because much of what you do is permanent. An example of this would be your blog posts where you discuss your business and/or display your banners and text ads. It’s always running for you and may at any time attract a sale or at the least a lead capture if you have those mechanisms include on your site. (compare to those flyers that get trashed or ads that just expire with no response).

There are other things that you can do that are less passive, and you definitely should anytime you have a few dollars to invest in your business. There are list builders that will help you acquire prospective customers, and there are solo ads that you can send to your list, whether prospects or existing customers. These are some of the more powerful techniques.

There are also those of lesser success but yet still can generate a sale, and they are free if you are willing to work it. Here referring to traffic exchanges and other ‘clicking’ schemes. The work is easy although tedious after a while – but if you absolutely do not have a dime to spend, they can work if you are aggressive and consistent enough.

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